Womens Health

Womens Health

As years get added in the relationship after marriage, the ability to keep the flame alive keeps on diminishing, as men find themselves in the middle of an awkward situation called Erectile Dysfunction (ED). In the last century, it was an unspeakable problem and embarrassment for men as it would have exposed their inability to engage in intercourse, and damaged their reputation too.

But as years rolled by, an innovative solution for the problem was invented called Viagra. It got FDA’s approval in 1998 and subsequently, launched in the market. With the little blue pill in the market, the days of fear and anxiety owing to the impotence became things of the past. Also, people started talking about the impotence problem openly. Now, men routinely buy pills as the embarrassment factor has died out due the Viagra’s popularity.

Viagra not only solves the impotence problem but also helps to reignite the lost sexual interest. It has turned out to be a magic pill for many people suffering from ED. It has gained so much of popularity that it has been prescribed for over 10 million men worldwide.


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