Over-the-counter (OTC), actually means the nonprescription medicinal products. OTC products play an important role in the health care section. Widely, it treats the common health disorder and thus is proved to be the best and effective solutions for all general types of health issues without seeking any help from health care general practitioner.

The Nonprescription Drug Advisory Committee had met through all over-the-counter products and rate accordingly. In this modernization, world usually don’t prefer to prescriptions. Thus this committee had helped us a lot to switch prescribed pill into OTC products.

There are thousands of OTC drug products and every product along with its active element are labeled class drugs under FDA approval. Thus what we provide is surely under safety consideration. Since, we assure to give you the safe, effective and labeled form of all OTC drug products.

Generic Aleve

Generic Aleve: help your skin to breath in the best ways Generic Aleve is an...

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Generic Loratadine

Generic Loratadine Generic Loratadine- Cure for Allergic Reaction Generic Loratadine...

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Generic Ecotrin

Generic Ecotrin: Will take you away from various health problems Generic Ecotrin...

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Generic Prilosec

Prilosec Generic: Medicine for numerous health benefits A plain version of health...

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Generic Nicorette

Generic Nicorette: Will keep you away from smoking world Generic Nicotine gum...

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Generic Antivert

Generic Antivert Generic Antivert – An Antihistamine Chemical Generic Antivert...

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Generic Ibuprofen

Generic Ibuprofen Generic Ibuprofen –For Anti-Inflammatory Care Generic Ibuprofen...

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Generic Zantac

Generic For Zantac: will give you the life you aspire for Much like the brand-name...

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