According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Generic drugs are equivalent to the brand name counterpart, manufactured after the expiry date of the patent or other exclusive rights of the innovator company. It has the same active ingredients as the original formulation with identical pharmacological effects. Also, it is made without any compromise in quality, safety, performance, dosage, and intended use.

One of the main reasons why generic drugs are cheaper than its brand equivalent is because the manufacturers who make generic versions of the brand equivalent don’t have to bear the cost for the research, development, marketing, and promotion of the drug as the manufacturers, who are first to launch the branded drugs in the market.

U.S. trademark laws disallow generic drugs to look exactly the same as the original drug in the market. Thus, you would find the color, shape, and coating or flavor of a generic drug different than its counterpart brand-name. However, you can be assured that the differences in taste or appearance do not affect the drug’s safety or effectiveness.

Yes, generic drugs are as good as their brand-names, as the FDA requires them to have the same quality, strength, and stability.

Note: The generic pharmaceutical manufacturers must prove to the FDA that their version of a drug possesses following features:

  • Contains the same active ingredient as the branded version
  • Equal in strength, route of administration, and dosage form
  • Has similar indications, dosing, and labeling
  • Provides the same efficacy and safety profile to the patients.

No. Since generic drugs are identical in all aspects to the branded version, they would take the same amount of time to work in the body as brand-name drugs.

No. Both brand-name and generic drug facilities are required to meet the same standards of good manufacturing practices by the FDA which conducts 3,500 inspections annually to ensure that all standards are met. The FDA doesn’t permit drugs to be made in substandard facilities.

In some cases, yes, and in few cases, no. Often, it is the effectiveness and side effects of the drugs that help to decide the quality of the newer drugs. Besides, there are a few other conditions which help to identify a drug’s efficiency. Also, if a product is expensive, it does not mean it is better for you!

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