Muscle Relaxant

Muscle Relaxant

As the name suggests, a muscle relaxant medicine relaxes muscles, eases pain, and reduces stiffness. Generally, they are used to treat injury or other conditions related to muscles. There are two types of muscle relaxer, namely neuromuscular blocker or a spasmolytic, and spasmolytic muscle relaxer.

Neuromuscular blocker blocks neurotransmission activity to the muscle. Hence, mostly, it is administered before surgical procedures. On the other hand, a spasmolytic muscle relaxer (also known as centrally-acting muscle relaxer) inhibits spasms, and alleviates pain too. Usually, both neuromuscular blockers and spasmolytics are grouped together and referred as muscle relaxants, but, the term ‘muscle relaxer’ generally refers to spasmolytics only.

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