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Zenegra is an oral pill for men suffering from the sexual complication of erectile dysfunction or importance. This sexual condition gets hampered in every man due to aging and various other difficulties. But due to unhealthy lifestyle and living habits, even young men are seen suffering from this sexual complication. The problem of erectile dysfunction basically involve a condition were men are unable to achieve erections or maintain it till the climax of the sexual activity. Thus, with pills like Zenegra 100 mg one can easily get rid from the problem of erectile failure and get an improved sexual life with their partner.

Erectile dysfunction leads in men due to various physiological and psychological reasons such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure problems, diabetes, anxiety, depression that enhances the complication of erectile failure in men. But the main cause of impotency in men due to inefficiency of blood into the male organ which brings out poor or loose erections in men. Thus, in other words, when a man is incapable to achieve strong erection or find difficulty in performing a satisfied sexual act, then ED pill such as Zenegra is recommended.

Zenegra is the generic version of the brand name Viagra. It contains Sildenafil Citrate as its active ingredient, which is also found in Viagra brand. Thus, this proves Zenegra very much equivalent to the branded ones in effectiveness over the treatment of ED. Zenegra is available in tablet form in various dosages like 25mg, 50 mg and 100 mg but usually, the suggested dosage of Zenegra is 100 mg.

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  • Precautions
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Advantages of Zenegra

  • Zenegra gives out long–lasting erections in men: The medication of Zenegra is very effective for men who have difficulty in getting erections and also maintain it till the end of the climax. Thus with its dynamic active mechanism it gives out erections which stays long for four to six hours in men that allows them to enjoy multiple love sessions with their partner.
  • Zenegra contains active ingredient same as the branded ones: The chemical Sildenafil Citrate is used as the chief ingredient in this which is also used as the key component of many of its branded version. The medication of Zenegra is very equivalent in its medicinal value and quality just like that of Viagra. Therefore, the result and performance delivery by this medicine is that of branded ones.
  • It assists men to recover their sexual health: Zenegra not only provides men with best erections during the sexual act for ED men but it also stimulates the sexual interest in the person for a satisfactory sexual activity. Thus, this helps couples to lead a healthy sexual life with each other.
  • Zenegra is cheaper than the branded version: The medication of Zenegra is very low in price in compare to its brand equivalent so to make it affordable for many ED men.

How does Zenegra work in treating erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Erectile dysfunction takes place when there is lack of blood flow to the male reproductive organ. The PDE5 type enzyme prohibits the blood supply from reaching the male sex organ. This causes the blood vessels in the male sex organ to narrow and blocks arteries, thus, giving out loose erection during sexual intimacy.

When a man feels sexually aroused, brains sends out a signal which releases chemicals that help the muscles in male sex organ to relax. Sildenafil Citrate which is found in this pill helps to suppress PDE5 enzyme which is responsible for loose erection. It helps in releasing cGMP, a chemical which eases blood supply and causes widening of the blood vessels and dilates them. All-in-all, Zenegra helps in sustaining and maintaining erection for long as four hours in men

Suggested ways to use Zenegra

  • The most recommended dosage of Zenegra is about 100 mg which needs to be consumed only after a consultation with the doctor.
  • The medication of Zenegra has to be taken an hour before a sexual intercourse. The dosage should not be changed by own will as it may cause some serious health effects.
  • The pill does not stimulate an individual on its own. It works when a man is in a mood to make love or is sexually aroused.
  • Only one tablet of Zenegra should be consumed in a day.

NOTE: Increasing the dosage more than one pill before appropriate interval may lead to severe side effects on the person.

Precautions/safety to be taken while using Zenegra

  • The medication of Zenegra is recommended for men suffering from ED. It is advisable that women and children should not come in contact with this pill has it can be hazardous to their life.
  • The intake of nitrate drugs should be avoided with Zenegra as it can lead to severe health complications such as sudden cardiac arrest, coma, or instant lowering of blood pressure.
  • People working in a factory shouldn’t have Zenegra before going to their workplace or where high mental attention such as flying a plane is required because, this medication can cause dizziness, blurred vision, or tremors.
  • Excessive intake of alcohol and smoking should be avoided with the consumption of this medication as it can have negative effect over the person.
  • The effect of Zenegra pills can get suppress if there is excessive intake of fatty foods before and after its consumption.
  • A prior consultation from doctor is mandatory for older men before the consumption of Zenegra medicine. Also, person having any kind of allergic to Sildenafil or any other Phosphodiesterase inhibitor should first consult their doctor before the consumption of Zenegra Pills.

Possible side effects associated with the intake of Zenegra

  • Flushing face
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach upset
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea

NOTE: All the above mentioned side effects are temporarily in nature which gets lowered once the body is accustomed with the dosage of the medication. Even certain kind of severe side effects like skin rashes, breathing problem or increase in heart beat can be experienced by the person soon after the intake of Zenegra pills. If any of these above mentioned side effects stays persistently for more than 2 to 3 days then immediately take a visit to your nearby doctor or emergency unit.

Warnings associated with the intake of Zenegra

  • One should not take the pill too often as it would lead to habitual action in the person. This will lead to a kind of addiction for Zenegra pills which can brings out other various side effects due to its unrestricted intake.
  • Women, children and teenagers are strictly prohibited to intake Zenegra pills.
  • One should always remember that this medication should be avoided with the combination of nitrate-containing drugs because it leads severe health complications.
  • Men suffering from Peyronie’s disease should avoid the intake of Zenegra pill as it can cause sudden strengthening of the muscles in the male reproductive system which would lead to unbearable pain in the male organ.

Customer Review

Customer Review on Zenegra

Neil Jimenez, Iowa

Man.. this pill was so effective at the first dosage that I am in love with this medication. Now, I and my partner do not think any more before having love as we have Zenegra in our live.

Mathew Weedon, Maine

I was a bit hesitating to take this pill when my friend recommended about it, but after using it all my problems related to sexual life have got an easy oral solution. I just need to pop in and enjoy the best moments with my partner.

Neil Istre, California

The medication has allowed me to have the best lovable moments with my partner which has given me the best of the moments of my life all again. Thanks Zenegra pills!