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Ruagra plus additionally is surely an orally gulped medicament which can be offered for guys that are encountering impotence problems or erectile dysfunction. Ruagra Plus being a generic medication has all the qualities and effects like the brand medication. This kind of medicament is unquestionably brought inside to be able to aid the flow of blood to the penile region and offer robust erection strength to impotent men.

Male impotence is a sexual complication and the powerlessness in the male organ which usually takes place as a result of failure of the male organ to get to robust erection strength and even maintain these for too long adequate several hours. This kind on healing medicine contains the active chemical component called Sildenafil Citrate, the particular ingredient helping to make erection strength for guys fairly easy. The actual basis for the particular taking place with this problem may be as a result of many reasons including emotional and also actual aspects in addition to growing older. One other cause are usually high blood pressure levels, all forms of diabetes, effect, nervousness, stress, injury inside the penis location and others.

It is recommended that Ruagra plus medication should be consumed by men experiencing difficulties while getting erections. All rounds, Ruagra-Plus helps to experience a great sexual activity even though suffering from ED. Ruagra-Plus comes in capsule kind and are also needed to be used by mouth, this medication comes in dosage strength of 50mg capsules.


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Advantages of Ruagra plus

  • Leads to hard and strong erections: Ruagra plus is a medication that provides men with hard and strong erections. Ruagra plus pills with the help of the active ingredient and other elements provides impotent men with hard and sturdy erections when a man is in a mood to make love.
  • Low cost generic medication: Ruagra plus is a generic medication therefore it is available at an affordable cost as compared to the other generic medicines and also is a less expensive as compared to the branded medication.
  • Ruagra-Plus consists of the same active ingredient as the brand equivalent: Ruagra- Plus’s branded version is known as Viagra. The superiority of this medicine is no diverse from the other recognized and acclaimed ED medications. Sildenafil citrate is the active ingredient used in this medication and provides with the same effects like the brand medication.
  • Ruagra plus provides long lasting erections: with the help of Ruagra plus men can achieve hard erections when a man is sexually stimulated and the effects of this medication remain for a long time. Ruagra plus allows men to maintain to maintain hard erections until climax..

How does Ruagra pluswork in treating erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Powerlessness in man ensues due to deficient blood flowing to the male reproductive organ. The PDE5 type enzyme occludes the normal blood provision facility and interdicts the blood from passing the penile realm. Due to deficient blood circulation in the male sex organ essential for tough erection, it causes the arteries of the male reproductive organ to become narrow and even thicken the blood vessels near penile realm.

When a man experiences sexually excited, on utilization of this medication, it suppresses PDE5 from inducing loose erecting. The use of ginseng and L-arginine herbs in this pill furthers the process and stimulates the man by increasing the endocrine activity in the body. The pill due to the existence of the herbs helps in relaxing the heart and artery movements. Basically, ginseng and L-arginine, which is used in Ruagra-Plus increases the chances of getting stronger and harder erections. It also ups the sexual desire and allows successful intercourse more successfully in comparison with placebo. The medication on intake, unlocks the jammed arterial blood vessels and enlarges the condense blood vessels, which in turn permits easy blood flow to the penile region.

Suggested ways to use Ruagra plus

  • The possible dosage suggested for impotent men by physicians is 50mg.
  • Ruagra-Plus is required to be taken orally only after getting a thorough guidance regarding the same from the physician.
  • This tablet is not meant for women
  • Ruagra-Plus pill does not stir up a man on its own for sexual intercourse. It facilitates strong erection when man is in the mood to make love with his partner.
  • This pill is generally to be used once in a day as approved by the doctor.
  • The dosage of the pill is 10- 20 minutes before making love.

NOTE: In case of an overdose the medication should not be taken without notifying the doctor. In case reactions stat after the second dosage then there is a need to pay visit to the doctor or the nearest poison control center or emergency room and have the problem treated.

Precautions/safety to be taken while using Ruagra plus

  • Ruagra-Plus is proposed only for men afflicted with the problem of impotence.
  • Men consuming other health problems related medications should not take this medicine along with them.
  • Men who are into physical work should also keep away from utilizing this medicine before getting to work.
  • After consuming Ruagra- Plus, it is also finest to steer clear of all such jobs or activities that need high psychological attention such as flying a plane or driving a car
  • Concurrent use of Ruagra-Plus with other drugs may prove dangerous to one’s health
  • Ruagra-Plus does not guard a person from any sexually transmitted disease

Possible side effects associated with the intake of Ruagra plus

  • Unvarying headache
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Nasal congestion/ runny nose
  • Nausea
  • Facial flushing

NOTE: The side effects given above by Ruagra-Plus may or may not involve all the possible side effects. Users of Ruagra-Plus may or may not experience the above depending on the response of the body to that particular dose or medication. In case the side effects after this medication become severe then it is important to contact the doctor or medical emergency unit at that instance.

Warnings associated with the intake of Ruagra plus

  • If a person is suffering from any other heart and kidney related diseases should use this medication only after doctors consultation
  • This medication should be consumed only after sharing medical records with the doctor
  • This medication should not be used simultaneously with other medications that contain nitrates as nitrates can prove to be fatal to life.

Customer Review

Customer Review on Ruagra plus

Brett A. Dawley, El Cajon

Ruagra plus medication has to me and gives the confidence that is can be a normal man again and lead a potent life. Such excellent effect from a generic medication is just magical.

Michael F. Taylor, Milwaukee

I am really grateful to this medication as i was completely helpless when I realized that is was suffering from erectile dysfunction, but this medication gave me a new hope

Norman A. McPherson, Walthill

hi, I never felt my organ to be so strong and hard before, Ruagra plus is the medication that gave me this wonderful experience.