Eat Smart at Work and Stay Healthy

So you are working women and juggling between job, children and managing your home. That’s quite task; and in the middle of all this you don’t find enough time to look after your health. And to top all this, it becomes easy to adopt bad eating habits in your office environment. We eat everything our colleague offers, we eat at our desk and even run out to the nearest fast food joint. These poor eating habits result unavoidable weight gain. So how can we improve our food habits while at work?

Here are a few things you can keep in mind while you are eating at work

•  The best way to avoid poor eating habits is to never eat at your desk. It’s very easy to lose focus of what and how much you have eaten; not to mention the millions of bacteria that accumulate at your desk.
•  While we eat at our desk, we are usually on the computer, answering the phone, or checking emails. This takes away our attention from portion size or calorie intake. Isn’t it bad enough that you have to sit there for 8 hours, why make it 9?
•  Another good practice is to carry your own lunch. Yes, brown bagging your lunch to work is a wise thing to do. This gives you a better idea of how many calories you are consuming, and you won’t have to end up having lunch at the fast food joint during your lunch break. And the most delightful thing is that while packing your own lunch, you can get creative. Try your own recipes like a sandwich with chicken salad or salmon, nuts, beans, veggies, fruits, etc.
•  Last but not the least, when at work, you should try to avoid snacking. Avoid the temptation to snack on morning pastries or a bowl of candy at the office pantry.
•  Munch on an apple instead. Apple is rich in fiber and other nutrients and helps curb your appetite for hours. It also serves to be super food when it comes to providing you with energy.

Follow these few healthy eating habits at work and see the difference in your health.

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