Crystal diet – A new weight loss plan

A lot of research and studies are underway determining the best weight loss plan, weight loss pills or weight loss foods, which can help people to cut the extra pounds. A number of weight loss diets have already gained prominence, for instance, a low-carb and a low-fat diet. However, not every individual who wanted to lose weight has gained from such a weight loss diet. Hence, studies and research continue to find out the best weight loss plan that can help people lose weight and keep it off. According to a latest study, crystal diet can help individuals in their weight loss plan.

Unveiling the crystal diet: What is it?

Crystal diet is deemed to be the latest scientific way to cut the extra flabs. This weight loss diet involves sprinkling some crystals on the meal while eating food. These are not ordinary crystals; they are scented ones that can trick the brain into a feeling that the body is full. This way a person will eat less than the usual course. Simply put, the crystal diet is a flavor boosting powder that suppresses the appetite of a person. According to the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, the creators of the crystal diet, people sprinkling the crystals will eat small portions and hence can bid adieu to the extra pounds.

In the US, tests proving the efficacy of this weight loss plan have already been conducted. The crystal diet has also made inroads in the UK. The initial trial that was conducted by the creators involved 1,400 people. The trial demonstrated that the crystals may work as an appetite suppressant.

Scientific tests were conducted to know about the efficiency of this weight loss plan. It was observed that obese people who sprinkled the crystals on their meals lost about an average of 28 pounds. Other participants lost about two pounds on average.

It has been found that aroma constitutes about 80% of what people experience as food taste. It is aroma that guides the brain to send out signals on when a person is full. The crystal diet works around a simple scientific principle. As a person eat, the taste and smell receptors tells the brain to release certain hormones that suggest the body it is about time to stop eating. It is a principle scientifically termed as sensory specific satiety.

More on the crystal diet: What is it made of?

The creators have yet not disclosed the recipe that is used to make up these flavored crystals. However, it is gauged that it includes an ingredient called maltodextrin. It is a carbohydrate that includes silica, starch, tricalcium phosphate, and milk and soy ingredients. According to the makers, the crystals are free from sugar, sodium, calorie and gluten. Also, it does not contain any stimulants. To further explore the benefits of the crystal diet, the creators have recruited 1,000 volunteers to conduct a five year study on the efficiency of the crystal diet in fast weight loss. Unlike other fad diets, whose results are temporary in nature, the makers of crystal diet hopes their weight loss diet can produce long-term results.

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