Burn Fat the Tasty Way

If you have noticed a humongous increase in your weight after getting yourself checked with the doctor or at home on the weighing machine, what would be the first thing you would do? It’s quite obvious that you will think of going on a diet. Once you plan to go on a diet, then again you are back to your second thoughts of leaving the favorite foods. It seems as if going on a diet means you will have to give up on tasty foods. That’s a completely wrong misconception which majority of you may have. For instance, an obese individual will not even look towards any fatty or favorite food because he has gained on a lot of weight. But, unable to resist soon his diet goes for a toss and he’s then back to eating and in fact this time eating more than the normal.  What’s the solution?

Dieting does not mean not eating or avoiding tasty food completely. That’s a human tendency to get tempted towards tasty foods. If you have been thinking that the cheesy foods, pasta, chocolate and potatoes promote weight gain, then you need to know in fact these favorites can help you in losing weight. Unable to believe it, find below how your favorite foods can be the best foods that can promote weight loss.

1. Potatoes

Potatoes are normally said to be fatty, that’s the reason people first avoid eating potatoes. It is thoroughly mistaken that potatoes add fat to your body. You tend to become fat only if you consume a potato preparation that is fried or eaten with sauce or cream. But, if you cook this vegetable properly it can actually help in burning the fat. For instance, boiled or baked potatoes can be a part of the diet meal. This will not only make the food tasty and different, but you will also lose weight. Primarily you can relish this favorite food even without hesitating regarding your weight gain.

2. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a healthy food that is said to promote a slimmer abdomen as per a study. If you have been thinking that it has more cholesterol and calories which will promote weight gain, then the role of peanut butter is just the opposite.  Instead peanut butter rich in mono saturated fatty acids. In short, peanut prevents weight gain at the waist which in turn promotes weight loss. As per a survey it has also been found that peanut butter when consumed can make you feel fuller for at least 2 hours. Surely, a tablespoon of peanut butter every day can help in losing weight.


3. Pasta and Chocolate

Normally cheese, pasta and chocolate are said to encourage weight gain. But, surprisingly pasta contains more of water which will just make you feel fuller. A half cup of pasta rich in fiber can be helpful in losing weight.

Chocolate is another tasty food that people are likely to give up due to increase in weight. But a tasty dark chocolate instead of normal chocolate is quite preferable as it supports weight loss.

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