Skin Care Routine For Dry Skin – Part I

The skin feels dry and itchy if the sebaceous glands secrete less oil than required. The inability of the skin to retain moisture causes the skin to chap, flake and feel tight. It is usually sensitive and prone to wrinkles. Does your dry skin also look dull around the eyes and cheeks? Then you need to take extra care to make your skin look and feel supple and beautiful.  dry skin care

Causes of Dry Skin:
Finding the causes would be a step towards finding the ways of taking care of the condition.
•   Excessive use of harsh cleansers leads to removal of the essential oil from the skin, making it dry and patchy.  Find a face cleanser specifically for dry skin.
•   Weather also affects the oil levels in the skin. Dry skin gets excessively dry in the winter months. Excessive exposure to sun leads to this condition. Additional care and moisturizer is required.
•   Dry skin could also develop due to vitamin deficiencies. Add foods which contain adequate amount of vitamin A and vitamin B.
•   Oil secreted by the body is naturally less. Hence it has to be regularly replenished.
•   Your genes are also responsible for making your skin dry.
•   Medical conditions such as dermatitis, under active thyroid, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, or seborrhea could also worsen the problem.
•   Exposure to artificial cold or overheated environment also makes the skin dry.  So avoid being in extreme temperatures for longer duration. Do not subject the body to sudden change in temperatures. You could also apply moisturizer at regular intervals.

Incorporate liquids in your daily routine:
Water lost through excessive perspiration must be replaced in the body.
•   Drinking at least eight glasses of water during the day would replace the moisture in the body. If you are unable to drink plain water add a squeeze of lemon and sugar, ginger or a splash of fruit juices.
•   Increase the intake of fruits containing high water content like cantaloupes, watermelon, cucumber, grapes, oranges and celery.
•   Stay away from caffeine and alcohol. They are diuretic in nature causing the body and skin cells to lose fluids and essential minerals. Even certain soft drinks may contain caffeine.

Stick to this regime for a healthier skin. Coming soon is more information on how to pamper your dry skin…..

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