Is There Really an Easy Way to Quit Smoking?

If you are a smoker who wants to quit but are at a loss about where to begin then read on. One of the first questions you might have is how would you continue with your daily routine without the cigarettes. You must have heard about people getting more irritable and gaining weight upon quitting smoking. Does this make you more nervous and preventing you from quitting cigarettes?  stop smoking
There are always two sides to any argument. While some smokers who are successful quitters believe it is easy there are also others who find it extremely difficult to quit smoking. It could also depend on whether how determined an individual is to the cause.

Let us take a look at a few factors which could make quitting smoking easier for you. If you want to quit smoking but have been unsuccessful do not lose hope. Smokers often try to quit more than once before they actually succeed. Find the real reason why you want to quit smoking. Every time you are tempted to smoke after deciding not to, just remind yourself of the reason.
It is advisable not to take the decision in haste. Just pressurizing you into quitting without making a serious effort would not help. Do not decide to just quit smoking one fine day. It would be really helpful if it is more planned and systematic. You have to prepare both your mind and body before quitting. Your brain is used to getting the daily dose of nicotine and hence the body has to reprogram itself to adjust to the absence of the drug in the body.

You also have to take a decision whether you want to quit smoking cold turkey or you want to gradually reduce the number of cigarettes you smoke per day, ultimately quitting it. This is an important decision and hence you must consider all the factors before deciding which route to take.
•    Smokers who quit cold turkey have a higher success rate. However, it requires strong will and determination to stick to the decision.
•    If you are a very heavy smoker your body might suffer from severe withdrawal symptoms. In this case it may be better to quit smoking gradually.
Once you decide that you want to quit do not allow yourself to get into the temptation of taking even one puff. You would not realize when the puff changes into one cigarette and one into many more.

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