How to overcome depression due to quitting cigarettes – part I

Quitting smoking is a great decision to take. You have already decided upon the date and are all prepared to quit and carry on with your daily routine minus the nicotine stick. The buzz has already been build up and your loved ones are trying everything they can do to stick to your decision. Finally upon quitting the withdrawal symptoms are surfacing and you are also experiencing the pangs of sadness associated with cessation. You are probably feeling depressed and when you feel the urge to light up a cigarette again, try the following things.  depression due to quitting cigarettes

Be very firm with yourself and do not take to smoking again because you feel sad. Smoking would only make you feel guiltier and you’ll feel you have been unable to stick to your decision. It would become a difficult cycle to break.

Motivate yourself with the positives:

It is often common to experience negative feelings upon quitting due to the sudden absence of nicotine in the body. During such situations it is beneficial to remind yourself the positive aspects of quitting smoking.

•    Tell yourself that you are not dumping toxins inside your body and that you have to take care of it.
•    The greatest positive effect would definitely be the improvement in health. You would be doing a huge favor to organs like lungs, liver, heart and even the brain.
•    You could interact with anyone without worrying about the fact whether they would be uncomfortable around while you smoke.
•    You would not have to smell smoke in your car, office, home and the places where you spend most of your time. Finally you would be more aware of the smells in your surroundings and you could enjoy the natural fragrances of plants and flowers around you.
•    Each day spent without smoking would be a reminder of your determination and the fact that you are moving closer towards better health.
•    Remind yourself of the time which you missed upon with your family because of the habit.

Reward yourself:

Instead of feeling low and listless, plan new ways to reward yourself. Come on, after all not only have you taken the decision you also stuck to it. Cheers. You would never run out of ways to reward yourself.
•    Visualize the beautiful things you could buy for yourself or your loved ones with the money you save upon giving up smoking.
•    You could also spend the money in planning fun activities like the lunch at the super expensive restaurant you always desired.
•    You could indulge in all the devilish calorie rich foods once in a while.

Do not stress yourself over these emotions. Hope these ideas go a long way in helping you. If you would like more information please check this space for more tips soon.

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