How to quit smoking without gaining the pounds?

It is fairly common to gain weight upon quitting smoking. This only adds to the stress when you are already undergoing physical and psychological changes associated with quitting. So are you also postponing giving up cigarettes due to this reason? Quit smoking

Though, a majority of quitters pile up the pounds there are also those who do not gain too much weight upon quitting. Understanding the reason of weight gain and it will give you better insight into tackling the problem.
•    The cigarette smoke reduces your ability to smell and taste food. When you stop smoking you eat more as you would truly enjoy food.
•    Some individuals also take up to snacking to avoid cigarette cravings. The habit only adds up to the calories you consume per day.
•    Nicotine in the cigarettes also suppresses your appetite. Since the body is not getting the chemical, the person tends to eat more.

Make certain changes in your diet and appetite and you could keep away that flab:
•    If you want to snack to keep your mouth busy, opt for healthier snacks. Keep carrots, celery sticks and sugarless gum handy. You could also chew on some healthy seeds like sunflower or flax.
•    Plan your meals in advance if running out of time. This way you would not be tempted to gorge on unhealthy foods. Incorporate more raw vegetables and fresh fruits in your daily meals.
•    Eat smaller portions. Avoid sweets and alcohol.
•    30 minutes of moderate exercise would go a long way in losing the excess weight.

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