Fight Brain Cancer with Arginine to Support Immune System

fight-brain-cancer-with-arginine-to-support-immune-systemGlioblastoma, the most prevalent form of brain cancer is seemed be the most devastating form of cancer. Many cancer lines develop and progress due to a decline in immune function, allowing single cancer cells to form groups that eventually break apart and metastasize to different organs in the body.  The T-cells which is composed of white blood cell neutrophils are responsible for destroying aberrant tumor cells before they have the opportunity to develop. Our immune system starts to decline in response to your age due to excess sugar consumption, systemic inflammation and poor cellular oxygenation. Thus in the journal, Clinical Cancer Research the researchers have found that natural arginine supplementation may reactivate in cancer-fighting T-cells in glioblastoma patients, allowing reactivation of the immune system to fight cancer progression.

Neutrophils, a white blood cell component is known to be an ancient and nonspecific type of immune cell that neutralizes invading bacteria and viruses. It responses to inflammation throughout the body and effectively provide a powerful immune response to knock out the pathogen. Thus, in response to overweight and obesity from poor diet and lifestyle choices, a low-level state of inflammation develops and persists for months and years.

The component neutrophils become desensitized to the persistent systemic inflammation and that also becomes less responsive to disease-causing agents. Thus, it I seen that the cancer cells thrives on these inflamed cellular environment and if they are not checked they lead to destruction of healthy tissue and tumor formation. The component neutrophils impede the immune response by secreting an enzyme called arginase. Thus, after the secretion of arginase, they die out commonly and are excreted by the body. Thus, according to researchers they have found that patients with glioblastoma do not exhibit the normal neutrophil-mediated immune response and cancer cells grow and spread unabated.

Thus according to the scientists from University of Colorado Cancer Center they found out that T-cells are critically dependent on arginine for activation and function. They determined that the immune system response is lack of arginine that suppresses the system and not dependent on an increase in arginase. Thus, eventually what the researchers concluded “that persistent arginase production from neutrophils suppresses the immune system and keeps cancers from becoming immune targets.”

Thus the natural compound, Arginine is a well researched element which is largely associated with lowering blood pressure and with cardiovascular health. The result of past research have shown up that arginine is a precursor to the production of friendly nitric oxide which also supports the blood vessel relaxation to effectively lower out of range blood pressure readings in at-risk individuals. Thus, now benefits from regular arginine supplementation can now be added in cancer prevention.

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