Swine Flu: How to take care of yourself?

Will some who takes care of you also catch swine flu?
If you are very weak and unable to take care of yourself at home, ask a friend or relative to help you with the chores. They co collect medicines and groceries for you, restock your prescriptions, help with basic household tasks, such as cooking, and generally stay around you.
If the person maintains distance from you wherever possible the chances of spreading the infection would be reduced. Both of you should ensure good personal hygiene sneezing into a tissue and washing your hands thoroughly.

How much contact should you have with friends and family? swine flu
Avoid unnecessary contact with family and friends while you are infectious, if you have swine flu.  It is usually until five days after your symptoms started (seven days in children). You are no longer infectious once your symptoms have gone.
Stay at least one meter away from people’s faces to avoid droplets from your throat affecting others. You can try to avoid exposing your partner to infection by sleeping in the spare room.

Could you still go out?
You may want to get some fresh air. However, avoid going on public transport.   Crowded places are an area where people could get infected. Visit your GP or hospital only when you require medical advice immediately.

What should you do if you have lost your appetite?
It is a common to lose your appetite when you are suffering from flu.
•    Try to prepare light and nutritious foods such as soup, toast, baked beans and scrambled eggs. They are also easy to prepare.
•    Eat smaller meals often.
You will usually return as you begin to feel better.

When should you go back to school or work?
You can go back to school or work when you are feeling well and are no longer infectious. Adults can normally return to work within seven days. In children, symptoms continue for up to seven days and they can normally return to school within a period of 10 days. People are infectious soon after they develop symptoms and remain infectious while their symptoms continue, which is usually for up to five days.

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