Could your personal computer cause aches, pains and strains?

It has become a routine for many to sit in front of computer and stare at monitor endlessly. Reasons – office work, chatting, or for passing time. However no matter for what purpose you are continuously looking on the screen, there are some risks involved with prolonged use of computer. The list given below would help you to identify and prevent the most common problems:

  • Contact stress
  • Lack of organization
  • Repetitive work
  • Posture
  • Uncomfortable working environment

Contact Stress

Contact stress occurs when pressure is exerted on different parts of the body being in a relatively fixed position. Some of the problems due to contact stress or sitting continuously on a computer are wrist and hand problems. This may include moving your hand over the mouse for a long time which strains the ligaments in the back of the hand and the wrist. Besides, continuous use of hand movements, forceful typing, or having bent wrists while using the keyboard may lead to other health problems. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one such painful condition that affects the wrists and hands owing to the pressure on median nerve. Numbness may also be experienced in one or both hands due to the same. Also, there is a possibility that pain may worsen to such an extent that carrying out simple tasks involving the hands may become very difficult.

Simple precautionary measures such as attention to posture, light keyboard actions and mouse movement and simple regular exercise could help to prevent wrist and hand problems. Usually, in the initial stage, rest and remedial exercise are the most likely medical intervention. However, in extreme cases, surgery may be recommended to relieve symptoms.

Organizing your work is the first step toward overcoming the problem. Sitting continuously in front of computer for hours is the prime cause for computer-related health problems such as pain in the lumbar region of the back. Take a few minutes break if you have been sitting in front of computer for hours or do stretching exercises. Avoid sitting at the computer during breaks. Step out for some fresh air as it may get your circulation going. Also, staring at the computer for long time may result in eye problems and headaches. If you are suffering from them, adjust light levels or use glare-reducing screens. However if you are experiencing repeated headaches, you should visit your doctor.

Posture and Computers
Not surprisingly, bad posture has been identified as main cause computer related health problems. Hence, maintaining a posture with elbows at 90 degrees while reaching the keyboard and mouse is one of the ideal positions. Also, keeping back straight with the top of the monitor just below eye level is very essential.

Besides these, uncomfortable working environment such as poor lighting levels, poor air circulation, noise and equipment issues along with stress contribute to various computer related illness.

Although work cannot be ignored at workplace, back pain or trouble due to wrist and hand problems should not be overlooked and diagnosed immediately. Also, exercise is a potential remedy for preventing computer related health problems. Even simple exercises such as stretching your arms and legs, and flexing your back, neck and hands while sitting in front of the monitor could avoid the same. Along with it, combination of a good diet, low caffeine, and regular movement of the limbs could help a lot to prevent or solve health problems associated with your computer.

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