Hair loss: How to detect the early stages

Early stages of hair loss – Your hair is your ‘crowning glory’. No doubt you are so possessive about those lovely locks and do a lot of things to make sure you don’t loose the luster of their beauty assets. If life was a fairy tale every woman would have been the “Rapunzel”, but unfortunately the truth is that most women lose their lustrous hair at some point of time in life. So here are a few things on when it’s time to know your hair is going down the drain. The most fragile age when women are most likely to go through this unfortunate stage is the 30s. It’s rather shocking, but these days even girls as young as 20 experience severe hair fall. But the actual thinning of hair becomes conspicuous around the age of 40, and after menopause it becomes obvious. But research shows almost fifty per cent of women experience some degree of hair thinning around the age of 50.  Hair Loss

Generally hair losses are categories in two kinds on the basis of the cause: Temporary, (also known as telogen, transient or non genetic) and permanent (genetic hair loss or androgenetic alopecia). Early stages of hair thinning could be due to reasons such as hormonal imbalance, nutrition, pregnancy, medication, nervous tension or stress. But the most important question is what is the genuine cause of hair loss and when the bells should start ringing in your heads. Prevention is certainly better than cure and you should immediately note the slightest change in your normal pattern of hair fall.

Early signs of hair fall: Thinning of hair is the one and only most important early stage of hair loss in all women. The hair loss pattern is very different in men and women; generally women never go bald. Thank God! Imagine seeing many bald women; that would certainly not be a good sight to behold. Women tend to loose hair all over the scalp with the crown being the most affected part.

It takes more time to get to the root cause of women’s hair loss as they have longer locks which makes even normal hair loss so noticeable. Experts recommend you need to keep a close eye on your hair brush every day when go through the daily routine of brushing your lovely mane. Take note of any changes in the amount of hair that is on it after you finish combing. Another tip would be to check if you have to add another loop than usual to secure your hair in place when you tie your hair up. If you find any of the above changes you got to beware of genuine hair loss issue. Be careful all the time. If you see more clumps of hair on the bathroom floor, you need to take treatments.

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