Zenegra is the generic version of branded pill Viagra and contains similar active ingredient known as Sildenafil Citrate for trouncing ED in men.

Erectile failures are the most dreadful sexual condition experienced by any men because, it completely declines the sexual life within him and his partner. It is widely known as erectile dysfunction or male impotence which is actually a sexual complications experienced by every man in some point of their life. In this sexual condition, men even when sexually aroused find difficulty in getting erections or sustaining it until the peak of the sexual act. Thus with this, men experiences lower self-confidence, embarrassment and ridicule. This led to inventions of pills like Zenegra that allowed men to have better and healthy sexual life with their partner. It restores the erectile process back in men and allows them to achieve erections that are perfect for a desirable sexual intercourse.

Zenegra is actually the true facsimile of the brand Viagra that helps the individual in getting erections without much worry. The problem of erectile failures get occurred in men once they experience lower blood supply into their male organ which brings out poor weak erections in men even when they are sexually aroused for the intercourse. This is been experienced when there is excessive release of PDE5 type enzymes near the penile region, which obstructs the arteries from flowing efficient blood into the male organ. Thus, the pill of Zenegra works over this causes of impotence and with the help of its active ingredient, it restores the flow of blood into the male organ. This is been achieved with Sildenafil Citrates’ active mechanism that impedes the negative process of enzymes in the region and allows the arteries in improving flow of blood back into the male organ.

Zenegra along with Sildenafil Citrate improves the overall functioning of erectile process back in men and allows them in getting erections during their sexual act. The medication of Zenegra is actually a prescription pill that ought to be taken only after consulting the doctor or health expert. Zenegra comes in pill form, which should be consume only with water. Thus, the user an hour prior getting into the sexual act takes the pill. This helps the medication in fully getting dissolved into the blood stream and giving out best erections within 30 minutes in the user. The medication of Zenegra stays long for four to six hours, which allows men with ED to enjoy better sexual moments all again with their partner. Hench the standard dosage of this medication is 100 mg, which gets suitable to over many ED men.