The growth of body is completed when every part is grown in proper way. Bones are the vital part of human body.

Growths of bones are necessary for the good health. Bones are the base of out body around which the structure is built up hence; we have to take a good care of our bones. There are certain minerals which are necessary to maintain bone health. The real length of bone is developed during our childhood and teenage. In second type, bones should grow constantly and the continuous growth of bones is known as the remodeling. In this process, the vital minerals fight with the bone tissues and make them stronger day by day. For this vital process calcium and phosphate is used in a wide range.

Calcium strengthens the bones:

 Calcium is the main mineral which is responsible for the strengthening of the bones. We can say that the bones are almost made up of calcium. Calcium is the mineral which is present in large amount in your body. Calcium is the basic component of the bones. Many health experts say that your teeth and bones have 99 %of calcium. Hence, it is very much necessary to maintain the calcium level in your body in order to maintain health of the bones. Bones do have pores which are filled with the calcium to give strength and increase the density of the bones. If your body does not have a proper level of calcium then your bones pores will not be filled and you be prone to the fractures and bone diseases.

Therefore, do have adequate amount of calcium. Keep your diet healthy which includes calcium mineral in it. Normally dairy products have a great amount of calcium.

Make a good structure of your bones by consuming phosphate:

Phosphate is not present in the large amount in the body but it works with calcium and it is also a vital component as it gives the structure to your bones. Phosphate works with the calcium, by combining these two; body gets one element that is called as hydroxyapatite, which is the main component to helps the body to construct the bones in proper way. The hydroxyapatite is only component which can help bones to remodel and to stay strong. It also helps them to grow.

If your body does not have a proper amount of calcium and phosphate then you may suffer through many serious diseases of bones. Hence, to maintain the good health of your bones do have these mineral in exact amount. Your body also needs some other minerals to keep the bone health at a peak. Those minerals are iron, copper, boron, fluoride, magnesium, manganese, potassium and zinc. Your diet should include high amount of vegetables and fruits which is the great source of these minerals.