Sexual dissatisfaction can result in both men and women. The causes for it can be severe or mild. There are some ways to avoid this situation

Everyone one like to relax or be a part of pleasurable activity. Lovemaking process is such kind of act that makes you feel happy and also helps in easing out the painful muscles. It is also a good option to take off mental stress and body pressure. But many a times, while in bed with the partner, satisfaction of this may not come by. It is when the individual is sexually dissatisfied.

Reasons to sexual dissatisfaction and solutions

Either the partners can suffer from this or only one may take the fallback of the poor performance or the condition leading to this. The aggression of the lovemaking act may sometimes lead to this. The stimulation of the reproductive organs has to be the same both the sides. If one is coming to the point of climax and the other is not yet that aroused, it may not go well with the person who could achieve an orgasm.

It is important that the partners understand each other’s capacity and also try different methods in increasing their stamina to last longer in bed. In flow, similar reaction of the couples can lead to a satisfactory outcome. For this, you should be able to read the partner’s response to the stimulation. If you think they are on the verge of climaxing and you are not, you can tell them to hold off for a while.

Communication between the lovers is therefore very important while in bed. One should not feel embarrassed as to what the others might think. Once you communicate, it will make the other easier to know more about your body’s arousal state. The regular lovemaking process between the two can also make them learn each other’s requirement.

Physical and mental causes of sexual dissatisfaction

Urinal tract infection, problems with blood pressure, kidney, liver, and heart diseases can also aggravate the matter. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation may also be responsible. Sometimes the capacity of the other person for the sexual act or the stamina may not be the same like that of the partner. Even mental stress can affect an individual in this.

Pressure on mind and mood swings can also make a person to be sexually dissatisfied even after lovemaking. If the partner if not interested to respond to the urge of the other, again such an incident can come to an effect. Bad relationships and some mental disorders can also result in this kind of an unfortunate incident. Quarrels or disinterest can also make this come into effect.

If the person is too addicted to self stimulation that is masturbation, even then there can be sexual dissatisfaction. It is advisable to visit a specialist or a doctor who will look into this matter and help you to overcome this stressful event. Some medications or exercises can make you fight back this issue. Cognitive behavioral therapies may also make you feel better.