There are different triggers that can lead white marks on fingernails or toe nails.  Lets have a look on some of its common causes.

There are several myths and mysteries indicating white spots on the fingernails. Some of them believe it to a deficiency of minerals and vitamins while few believe it to be some other nutritional shortage. However, the fact is that white spots occur because of mild injuries to the nail.

White spots on fingernails do not appear immediately after the injury.  It might occur many days after the trauma have been taken place.  White spots on nails in medically termed as leukonychia.  Generally this sort of nail problem is very common on toe as well as fingernails. There is no specific cause for this problem. However, there is no specific cure for treating white spots on nails but with the time it disappears.  Let us have a look on the actual reasons behind the triggers of white spots on nails.

The reasons that leads to White Spots On Fingernails:-

  • Deficiency of vitamins doesn’t lead to white spots on nails. In most of the cases it is because of the moderate or minor injury to the nail.
  • Infection in the nail can also cause white spots.
  • White marks on the complete nail may be because of low albumin. This usually happens in kidney problems named as nephrotic syndrome.
  • Others reasons include side effects of certain medications and other antibiotics.
  • Liver failure problems can also lead to white marks on nails.
  • Another reason for white spots on nails can be zinc deficiency. But in this condition, some other associated symptoms can also be seen such as low immune level and loss of hair.
  • If you notice white marks on nails in young adults and children, ask them whether they pick and bite their nails. Most of the replies will be affirmative. People who bite their nail often have white spots on their nails.
  • Parallel lines on nails are triggered because of heavy metal poisoning.
  •  It can also be caused due to cirrhosis of liver, chemotherapy or nail matrix. Manicuring frequently can also cause white spots on your finger nails.

However, there is no such prominent remedy required to treat this problems. As this white spots disappears by its own when the nail grows.  So as to keep the nails healthy ensure you keep it moisturized and clean.

Although lack of calcium is not responsible for white marks on nails, calcium (eating dairy products) helps in sustaining healthy nail.

Zinc deficiency can also cause many complications and white spots on nail can be one among them.  Thus, go for the foods that have immense zinc quantities.  These foods include watermelon seeds, oysters, pumpkin seeds, cocoa powder, peanuts, crab, dark chocolate, veal liver, wheat germ etc.

If the white spots in nails are due to fungal infection then apply lotion or anti- fungal creams.