Dysmenorrheal is the severe pain that a woman faces during her menstrual monthly cycle. Here are some minor and major indications of Dysmenorrheal.

There are innumerable women who suffer the severe pain during their menstrual cycle. This pain in the medical term is known as Dysmenorrheal. This excessive soreness is one among the most natural and common gynecologic complaints found in woman.

This particular kind of pain i.e. Dysmenorrheal are usually found in adolescent but its gets deprived with the moving age. Dysmenorrheal are of two types, one is primary and the other is secondary. Primary dysmenorrhea is recurring pain linked with menses throughout ovulatory cycles without verifying lesions that affects the reproductive structures. Whereas, Secondary dysmenorrhea is the severe pain that are caused by demonstrable pathology.

There are some of the Trigger points of Dysmenorrheal that includes:

  • Pelvic infection
  • Events that are extremely stressful
  • Adulatory cycles
  • IUD
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Disease that get transmitted by the sexual act
  • Ectopic pregnancy

What are the Primary symptoms of Dysmenorrheal?

  • Sometimes gentle but sometimes severe pain in lower part of the abdomen
  • Cramps and unbearable body aches
  • Pains and cramps that lowers from back to the groin and to the legs
  • Indications of the pain that begins with the peaks of 24 hours and usually gets reduced the very next day or within 48 hours
  • As the pain increases the menstrual flow also becomes heavy
  • Nausea, diarrhea, Headache, regular urination or constipation is the major symptom found in Dysmenorrheal.
  • Infrequent vomiting is also observed in most of the females
  • Premenstrual set of symptoms

What are the Secondary symptoms of Dysmenorrheal?

  • Continuous pain or cramps in the lower abdominal that becomes vague
  • The pains gets of increasing with the discharge during the periods
  • Pain in the thighs and gastrointestinal upset are also one of the major problems that is associated with the secondary symptoms of Dysmenorrheal.

What are the treatments for getting rid of Dysmenorrheal?

There is no specific or permanent treatment for healing the Dysmenorrheal i.e. menstrual pain as it is natural pain that can be controlled for the temporary basis.  Relaxing with mind and body therapies with some effective exercise, yoga and meditation techniques will surely help you out in getting purge from the unbearable pain.  There are some diets that can be consumed so as to get the pain under control.  Nuts, cold water fish, seeds and nuts can prove out to be beneficial in dealing with the Dysmenorrheal.