Usually the signs of bad taste in mouth are uncommon and can be removed easily, but in some cases it may indicate medical conditions.

Unpleasant taste in the mouth can be overwhelming and annoying too. There are several taste buds all over the mouth mainly on the tongue, while there are few on top of lips, mouth and cheeks throat as well. With all these taste sensors it becomes easy to detect any sort of taste in the mouth particularly if it’s bad in taste.  Bad taste that lingers in the mouth may be different from those normally taste pattern like sweet, bitter or salty.

In some cases, this problem can be eradicated easily but in some people this state can be a warning symptom of medical condition than may need proper attention.

Causes that Leads to Unpleasant Taste in Mouth

Medication: – Certain medicines may develop a metallic taste in patient’s mouth that can be unlikeable.  This condition is more usually found in the neurological medication, anti-thyroid medicines and anti-depressants only if the prescription comprises zinc in great amount. However, the severity may differ from one person to the other.

Pregnancy:-Pregnant women who are experiencing initial trimester tend to have some sort of bitter taste in their mouth. This is because of the towering level of estrogen in the body system. But it can also boost up due to prenatal vitamins or hormone pills that have been prescribed during the carrying days. Increased nausea and vomiting may also be one of the reasons for unusual bad taste.

Dental problems:-

Dental problems like tooth decay, gum infection and other such complications may lead to bad taste in mouth. If any of these complications are causing dental fillings to become slack, it may lead to metallic taste. Oral viruses have it affect on the tongue’s taste bud thereby causing bad taste. Fungus or the ulcers in the mouth cab also cause unpleasant taste.

Bad habits: – Some habits like poor diet or smoking may even contribute to awful taste in mouth. Moreover, lack of Vitamin B12 is also said to be the common reason for bad taste. It may even boost up the condition leading it to the point where the taste becomes extremely unpleasant.

Nasal problems: – Few nasal complications like runny nose, infections, sinusitis, polyps, or any other reasons due to allergies or a cold can trigger bad taste in the mouth. Viral remnants and bacterial infections in the postnasal drip can hack into the throat and may prone to unpleasant taste.

Halitosis: – Halitosis is nothing but bad breath. This condition may also trigger unpleasant taste in the mouth. Foods those are extremely rich in the amount of vitamins can causes assimilation of larger amounts of sulfur that may amplify the growth of bacteria. These may contribute to foul smell as well as rotten taste in mouth.

Talking to your doctor may help you in getting rid of this problematic condition.