The cancer that attacks the large intestines is nothing but termed as Colon cancer. Here are some signs of Colon cancer typically seen in women.

Colorectal cancer is a syndrome in which the growths of tumors are seen in the tissues of the rectum or colon in both man and women. This rectum and the colon are fraction of the digestive system which forms large intestine. Colon cancer grows slowly after being started from the lining of the colon.  Due to this lengthy process of growth that colon cancer can be complicated to perceive, explicitly for the victim, as patients will hardly ever demonstrate any warning sign of the syndrome until it’s in its later stages.

However, there are several signs and symptoms of Colon cancer that can be taken into consideration.

Rectal Bleeding:-

Almost certainly this is one of the most imperative indicators in colon cancer in regards with the untimely detection. But at every circumstance rectal bleeding doesn’t attributes to Colon cancer, as it might be some other health related problems. But it is more common with women as they can face Colon cancer at their younger age too by undergoing more bleeding in their rectal areas.   Moreover women with Colon cancer can even see the signs of bleeding in her stools.

Transformations seen in the Movements of Bowel:-

This might be a bit confusing but yes…the changes in the bowel movements like constipation or the problems of diarrhea can also lead to the issues of Colon cancer. At times, she might even observe certain changes in here bowel movements and she might observe that her stool is appearing thinner that normal ones. Eventually, pay attention to the duration of this symptom and rush to the doctor at your earliest.

Weight Loss:-

This is the general symptom that can be noticed in any illness can even be termed as the common sign of any types of cancer. This is one of the infuriating consequences of tumor that burns on the calories because of their growth. But it doesn’t mean that you are dieting and terming the weight loss as the signs of colon cancer

Fatigue and exhaustion:-

When a woman is undergoing the stages of colon cancer, she will generally experience certain exhaustion and fatigue. This occurs due to the amount of calories that are burnt because of the grown of tumor in the body. One could even witness bleeding in her stool, and because of her excessive blood loss, a woman can become insipid and weak.

Other Digestive complexities:-

Moreover, these hazardous symptoms of changing movements in bowel or rectal bleeding, there are several other digestive issues that can mark the evidence of colon cancer. Lots of women can even have to deal with the bouts of vomiting or at time nausea when she is undergoing the problems of colon cancer. Persistently, there is this remorseless gas or bloating problems typically due to an obstruction that the cancer growth is creating in the areas of your large intestines. Stomach cramps and bad gas is also one of the major symptoms that are noticed in the colon cancer