Like other kitchen ingredients, garlic has proved out as best home way to treat hair loss problems. Below given article shows how this home ingredient works on hair fall complications.

Garlic is now that new to mankind. From decades, it has been used for different purposes straight from in foodstuffs or for medicinal use.  Garlic comprises various essential vitamins and minerals which are useful for the body like protein, fats, magnesium and lots more.

Apart from the above given advantages, garlic can also help in managing the hair loss problems. Yes, this is completely true and the best part is it is very effective.  Researchers have believed that aged garlic extract is more helpful for hair growth. It comprises all the antibiotics and essential nutrients to protect your hair from falling.

Garlic is often added to the hair creams, conditioners, oils, shampoos, creams and gels to make garlic blended products for hair care. Making use of garlic in hair care products can strengthen your hair and will also prevent breakage, damage and drying of hair. in fact, it penetrates into the scalp and hair thereby providing life to both hair and scalp.

How To Use Garlic For Hair Fall Problems?

  • Take few fresh cloves of garlic and cut it. Rub them directly on the scalp or on the affected area where you face the problems of hair loss. Using it on the complete scalp can also be helpful. Then get a head massage down with olive oil and cover it the whole night. Rinse it off the very next morning.
  • In case if you don’t want the treatment to stay on your head for whole night then wear a plastic cap and allow them to soak for one hour. For this, you can sit below hooded dryer fan. Rinse it after some time. Repeat this technique till you have attained the satisfying results.
  • You can even use garlic with your shampoos and conditioners. Mincing garlic or mixing its juice along with conditioners, shampoos or hot oil treatment can also prove beneficial on solving hair fall problems. Wash it thoroughly after that.
  • Extract garlic oil for hair massage. To prepare this, soak handful of garlic cloves in a bowl of olive oil for one week. This freshly prepared garlic oil can then be used on scalp for gentle massaging and resolving hair loss issues. Apply this oil all over scalp and keep it overnight. Wash it next morning with shampoo and then conditioner it.

The best part about garlic is that it allows proper flow of blood in the scalp. This further assists blood to pass on to the scalp that then transmits essential nutrients with it which aids in hair growth.  If you are looking for a trouble-free and effective home treatment to avert any sorts of side effects then opt for garlic.  So when are you starting your hair fall treatment?