A healthy and fulsome hair can for sure enhance the look of your face. On the other hand hair loss or deprived growth is one of the most occurring cosmetic problems faced by both men as well as women.

A healthy hair more or less grows about half an inch each month and approximately 6 inches per year.

A lot of aspects such as deprived diet, fumes, stress and other health conditions and other medications which can affect the growth of the hair. Genetics as well takes a toll on the growth of one’s hair. It has been seen that few people are heritable prone to have a hair growth in the worst condition.

There are a number of simple and affordable home remedies for hair growth which can lend a hand to grow your hair in the quickest manner. Bear in mind that what you consume finds out the growth as well as the health of your hair. Unhealthful hair may perhaps be a warning sign of unhealthy nutrition or lack of vitamins. Vitamins such as A, B3, B6 and E are all vital for the sufficient growth of your hair. So it is all the time good to include these essential vitamins in your everyday diet foods and supplements.

Consume ample of foods which are high in proteins like biotin that help in improving the condition of your hair and its growth process. Minerals such as iodine, zinc, calcium and magnesium even aids to fuel the growth.

The one easy manner to get rid of this is by staying away from doing too much of shampooing, brushing or combing your hairs very often. Making use of blow dryers, brushing on wet hairs, re-bonding or curling irons can make you witness your worst hair day. Direct exposure to sunlight is another cause for hair loss as the radiation of the sun attacks the scalp directly. Chlorinated water and air toxins too are considered as dreadful in damaging the hair. The one easy solution to put a stop to hair loss is by trimming your hair in three months which will enable it to grow very quickly.

Hot coconut oil hair massage is one of the most effective ways and best natural home remedy for growth of hair in both men and women. The use of coconut oil has been used on a traditional basis to help hair growth. This even helps your hair get humidity, shine and subtleness and at the same time prevent from breakage.

Easy home treatment for hair growth 

Grind parsley seeds into a fine powder and apply it on to your hair prior going to bed. The next day, brush your hair to remove the applied powder. This is seen as the most effective and best home therapy for the growth of hair. One other way of hair growth is by mixing an egg yolk with lemon juice and leave it on your hair. Keep it for a few minutes and then wash it off by using a mild shampoo.  You can even make use of olive oil and apply directly on your scalp. Leave it for one night and wash it off the next day.