Face is the mirror image of your own personality. You feel self assured if you look glowing as a dull face deviates you.

Bear in mind that facial beauty is required to be refilled and stocked up all the time with a bit of care. Certain types of skin are said to be very sensitive to deal with the tough conditions of diverse weather.

Try to cleanse your face

Do not clean your face with soap free based face washes as they can turn your skin very dry and peeling. In its place use a soft cleanser in order to keep hold of the needed level of moisture. On the other hand; oatmeal, milk and honey when blended together can be used as a facial mask for an effective cleaning.

Moisturize well

Regular hydration of skin is needed to keep up a suitable level of moisture. It is very important to moisturize your body instantly after taking a shower so as that it locks up deep inside. Always choose good quality oil based moisturizer and make sure to know the kind of oil base which you use. Oils such as jojoba and mineral oil have a tendency to make a way into deep inside and not leave any long term based layer over the surface of the skin. Apricot works best for delicate skin types whereas Vitamin E oil is best suited for all the skin types.

Give up on alcohol

A lot of beauty product contains alcohol as the base element which gives a long life to the product. This seems to reduce the intake of the product which is in high alcohol content.

In actual fact, few natural recipes from the kitchen could be really helpful in finding all the remedies of dry skin. In order to do away with chapped skin, apply a thin layer of olive oil over the affected areas. This at once overcomes the dryness of the facial skin and makes it appear very supple.

Take bath with lukewarm water

A hot shower can do better for you during the winters. On the other hand, if the water is too hot then it could damage the sensitivity of the skin. It can make the skin dry and even trigger irritation and few scars on the skin in the long run. Make sure about the level of heating in order to prevent such conditions.

Have lots of water

This is regarded as the best remedy for every kind of illness. It even helps in flushing out all the pollutants from the body and carry off the nutrient to every area of the body. With the absence of sweating in the winter one doesn’t feel the thirst to drink water. Everyday intake of water ensures glowing and healthy skin. Your water intake all the time relies on the body’s requirement.  On an average, an individual must have at least eight to ten glasses of water every day.