You may know how helpful vinegar is for cleaning purposes. But are you aware that it has lot more health benefits too?

You must have used vinegar to clean fabrics and even metal pieces. Remember the window panes and pipes giving you trouble because of the blemishes? Vinegar was the apt solution for all this. But have you even realized that it can be good for your body too? In fact, it can be beneficial for your health in many ways. Even in olden days, it was measured to be an agent that eases pain and also arthritis. This was generally your grandmother’s home therapy.

But as new medicines came into market, people forgot the advantages of natural resource available. But still, vinegar is utilized in many good items and preparations. Besides regular cleaning usage, they add taste to the eatables as well. Some individuals even get it to preserve some food products. So you can say that they are amazing food preservatives.

You can have it for pickle. You may also store meat marinated with vinegar. It is also a healthy tonic in form of gravies in many of the dishes.

Health Benefits of Vinegar

Vinegar may have been an ingredient in cookeries. It is a form of weak acid. It does not hurt you in anyways on consumption at an optimum amount. In case of insect bites, pouring vinegar will instantly soothe you. It can act as a means of relief until a proper help arrives. It can also take care of stings and reduce its ill effects. It is better to dilute the vinegar a bit in water before using it on the bite. It has antiseptic properties also.

You can also protect your skin with it. Vinegar may come to rescue for people who suffer from sunburn. Apply a thin coat of this solution on the affected patch. You can feel the cold sensation there. So, now you can enjoy the tan outside and still stay healthy. You can keep a dose of it for the summer and spring season. You should mix tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with water. Drink it and this will be capable to help you with bowel function and digestion.

Other Advantages for Body

As vinegar is basically acetic acid it also can treat warts just like salicylic acid. It also prevents stomach ulcers and intestinal diseases. It has antibacterial and antiviral elements in it. It can combat infections. It is also excellent for people suffering from allergies. This can also lower the blood cholesterol levels efficiently. There are sometimes when you are unable to control hiccups. Vinegar can be effective to overcome hiccups too.

If you are overweight, vinegar can counter this. Mix honey and apple cider vinegar with hot water. Drink it every cay. It can also deal with headaches and weight issues. Taking bath with apple cider vinegar may be advantageous to avert urinary tract infections. It cal also prevent eczema and cure it. If you are aging and have brown spots, vinegar can make these go away.