Some people may find it difficult to speak because of the cracking of voice. You can take proper care of your throat to avoid this

If your throat is sore or you find your voice getting huskier or voice, there might be a reason behind it. The cause may be as simple as catching cold or very severe also. Sometimes there is something wrong with the vocal chords or you may develop an infection. You need to get a checkup of the throat to know more about the actual motive. Sometimes, cancer and tumors can also be the culprits.

There are some simple ways to prevent the cracking of voice:

Seasonal Care: not all the seasons have the same temperature of the environment. Your body needs to adjust according to the atmosphere. Due to this, sometimes you may face irritation of the throat. You may have to special care of yourself during such times. You may have to avoid drinking cold water when it is too hot. Or you should not immediately consume the same after a workout.

You can also consider wearing warmer clothes in winter. Even hygiene plays a part in maintaining your health. You should also wash your mouth and throat at times properly. It will ensure that germs do not accumulate there. Liquids even help in cleaning the throat and the food pipe.

Food: You must also be careful about your diet. If you already have a complication of the throat and noise, you need to seek some precautions. Avoid eating spicy or too salty food items during summer or dry weather. It may make the throat itch. Even the sour eatables should be kept away from overconsumption. It may activate some harmful enzymes that may interrupt the smooth functioning of the vocal chords.

Juices: You may love to drink many juices. But you need to choose the proper fruit for such purpose. You may love to drink many juices. But you need to choose the proper fruit for such purpose. Not that you have to discriminate against any. But if you face some throat problem, you may have to pick the one that is much safer for your health.

Your voice may be affected by sour and tangy juices. Lemon and pineapple juice if not that concentrated can be drunk. But if they are purely sour or too ripe, then you should not have them. You can opt for the apple, orange, banana, strawberry juice instead.

Lubrication: You can use various ways to lubricate your throat. This will ensure that your voice is strong and unaffected by the external adversaries. You can opt for the mint and basil leaves. Eat them nicely after chewing them a lot. Their extracts and juice can cool down the throat and improve the modulation of the voice. They are also antibacterial. This is very beneficial at the times when you catch cold or fever. You should also drink water from time to time. Dryness of the throat can instigate cracking of voice.