If lack of sexual drive or reduced libido is creating complications between you and your partner, then below given some helpful natural guide can help in treating Female Libido naturally.

There are possibly chances where you are performing it all well, but still she is not so interested in continuing the sexual act. Yes, this is certainly possible, but by making use of some home ways can help in improving the condition of female libido.

Female Libido is lack of sexual drive or desires that are most commonly found among women than men. Both physical and psychological factors can trigger libido in women.

  • Banana comprises rich amounts of potassium and vitamin B that helps in increasing the low sexual energy levels. Thus, include it in your daily diet.
  • Another classic way to boost up female libido is to eat raw oysters. Wash the shells until they are completely clean, keep then over ice and then intake them raw so as to enhance your sexual appetite.
  • Nuts are extremely high in vital fatty acids. It assists in the production of body hormones, thus work as a superb natural libido booster for women.
  • Celery is also meant to be as a rich source of androsterone, a hormone that helps in stimulating the sexual desires in women.
  • Include eggs in your daily diet. Eggs comprise elevated amounts of B6 and B5 that assists in sustaining the hormonal balance that indirectly promotes the sexual drive in women.
  • Avocadoes also add lot of beneficiates in improving health condition. It has high constituents of potassium, vitamin B6 and folic acid which have been proved out as a best source to increase sexual stamina and energy.
  • If emotional or psychological problems are the actual reason behind your decreased sexual appetite, solving out the things between you and your partner can help out in bringing back your healthy sexual life.
  • Opt for the foods or make recipes that include basil as its chief ingredient as it works superbly awesome in boosting up the sexual drive and at the same time it also improves fertility among females.
  • Apart from this, making use of brown rice, turkey and cheese increases the amount of zinc in the body. This in turn will help improving libido. It’s not only a cure for women’s libido but also works stunning in treating libido among men.
  • Excess fat also contributes the desire for sexual act. Too much body mass means having an elevated amount of womanly hormone or estrogen that results in passive sexual appetite. Thus, make a regular habit of exercising.

However, with the growing medical science and technology, you can find different medications to treat female libido.  Though, it is always better to use natural ways so as to prevent any underlying side effects. Consult your doctor of advice for better treatment.