Here are some of the severe diseases that lead to trembling in the body at the same time cause various problems in the body to stop it from functioning.

Trembling takes place due to a jerk that takes place in any part of the body specially the hands, arms, legs and various part of the body. Most of the people suffer from trembling problem due to a range of medicines. Tremors can also be known as the side effects for certain medication that in short stays with the individual for years.

Trembling mainly takes place due to a bunch of diseases. One of the common diseases that is seen in most of the people these days is Parkinson’s disease that is a neurological disorder. This in return results to lack of cells that produce dopamine, which is one of the important elements the brain needs to function in a faster rate. As per the National Institute of Neurological Disorder and stroke (NINDS), due to Parkinson’s disease a person suffers from troubles like tremors in the hands, legs and the overall body. It may also lead to stiffness in the body or slower movement takes place. One of the common troubles you can see in most of the people who suffer from this disease is depression, terrible problem in speaking and also faces problem while sleeping.

Apart from that there is a disease known as Essential Tremor that can take place in any age. Rather, around 14% of the people who are above the age of 65 years are every much prone to this particular disease. The main reason why essential tremors take place in the body is due to sifting that takes place in the genes of the body. The basic sign of Essential Tremor starts at the hand portion, which slowly reaches the head and the vocal cord. Some of the common changes that you can see in the body are stress, drowsiness, and changes in the temperature of the body. Thought there are ample amount of medical therapies and treatments been provided to cure Essential tremors and Parkinson’s disease exercise is the best way to keep your body fit and fine. Rather exercise will allow all the immovable parts of the body to function in a smooth way.

Apart from these two diseases, multiple Sclerosis disease is also the one that involves trembling. This disease is a kind of autoimmune problem in which the body starts been attacked by the nervous cells, which gradually roots to deterioration of the cells. Multiple Sclerosis disease cannot be cured at an easier way then too there are medical treatments been given to the people who suffer from this disease. One of the best ways to get rid of this disease is though physical therapy that will be a help for the muscles. Many a times plasmaphoresis is used to separate the blood cells for the plasma , which truly helps in reducing Multiple Sclerosis disease.