Get simple way out from your fluency disorders with some easy steps to cure fluency disorder

Do you feel ashamed of your fluency? Does your fluency is troubling you to communicate with people? Then this article is very beneficial for you to know how this problem occurs and how it can be treated.

Fluency disorder refers to as the non continuous flow in your speech. This problem mainly consists of stutter, constant repetition in your speech, blocks or taking pauses for a longer time while you speak. Fluency disorder mainly appears in children and can be prevailed as they grow up. This problem also may occur in adults and become more difficult to treat but sometimes it can get cured along with speech therapy.

People who suffers from fluency disorder usually encounter with repetition of words such as “the, the problem” also repairs the words while speaking such as “her, I mean his”.

Various ways to treat fluency disorder

 Ask for the proper evaluation

Verbal non fluency is the common speech hindrance in peoples. Around 20 percent of the people who suffers fluency disorder have to concern with the speech therapist. Diagnosing is not the best therapy to cure this problem because speech fluency is common in people, physician will recommend with some of the treatments to cure from fluency disorder only if it is necessary.

Seek Early Intervention

A treatment for fluency disorder is mainly behavioral. The people who are suffering from this disorder are taught to adjust their rate of speech to stop fluency disorder. This is called fluency shaping. Breathing exercise is used to get away from this problem. If the speech rate increases the more will be sound of speech will be natural.

Provide a Supportive Environment

If you are suffering from the fluency disorder then you have to minimize the stress when you speak. Embarrassment and anxiety over speech fluency worsens the disorder. If you have a child avoid him/her to disrupt, when they does not maintain their fluency while speaking. Show some understanding towards your child when they want to say something and repeat the sentence with them this will help you to tackle from this disorder.


Many other exercises that can help you such as breathing exercise are useful when you want to perform in a nervous situation. Slow speech exercise helps to reduce this problem when you slow down your vowels and relax while you breathe. This exercise will help you to calm and relax yourself. Reading exercise can help you to reduce stutters. Practice reading out loud for, at least 15minutes every day.