So you have finally given the good news to your hubby by bringing a new life to the world. Being pregnant is one of the most valuable gifts of life which couples are bestowed with.

Giving life to the child is an amazing out of the world experience for a couple particularly for women. But the period from conceiving to giving birth to a child is very vital. The entire duration of nine months requires intensive care and concern.

Women must always keep in mind that whatever they consume or do in these nine months has a straight effect on the child. It is very important that the women keep her lifestyle healthy and stays away from risks at the time of birth of the child. By doing away with a few things, you can improve the health of both the pregnant mother and the unborn child. Below listed are a few things to stay away while being pregnant.  Check them out.

What to avoid during pregnancy

Smoking is very dreadful usually and at some point in pregnancy, this turns out to be very risky. Both mother and the child get increasingly affected by smoking. Even pregnant women being in a close to people who smoke are even affected very badly because of non deliberate inhalation.  This can even trigger abortions, premature birth of the child, babies born with deprived weight and even death. This must be avoided to a higher extent and as a result, it is suggested to kick the butt when being pregnant.

The consumption of alcohol is the other dreadful risk causing factor that triggers harm during the time of pregnancy. Relying on the amount of alcohol intake, this even affects the development and growth of the baby. If alcohol is what you cannot do without then this might even show its way to grave deficiency which is further identified as fetal alcohol disorder that might contribute to mental issues and other issues.

Do not take medicines that you more or less have taken earlier without having a word with your health expert. These medications can prove to be extremely fatal for the mother as well as the baby in pregnancy. Few of the medicines should never be consumed during the first month of pregnancy. This is why it is very vital to seek medical advice prior taking these pills.

Lessen down the intake of coffee and other beverages. Junk or fast foods increase the risk of cancer in the baby whereas coffee gives a rise to the possibility of a child to come into contact with diabetes. This lack the nutrient content in them and even though it feels the stomach very quickly, one tends to have more of it. As the food does not contain any nutritional value, the growth of the baby can be suddenly damaged.

Do not take vitamin supplements as it increases the risk of the flaws in the baby. You can in its place take vitamin A naturally to a certain extent.