Heredity plays a big role in defining your current health or the risks to diseases and other complications. It also counts for your health

Why do you think you are prone to certain diseases or physical conditions more than others? Why your friend does not catch cold as often as you do? What is the real reason for it? There may be many factors to it. It can be your ill way of approaching life or may the genes you carry or basically the hereditary pattern existing in the family. If you notice closely, you may have some similarities to your parents.

Correlation between heredity and health

They may not just stretch to the behavior and looks only but can go further. It can be the diseases or the vulnerability of the body that are similar to that of the parents too. Why does this happen? After all, you have your own body. Why some traits and even the inherent diseases are like that of your parents? Research has proved that our DNA is formed by the genes of both the parents. We therefore inherit vital elements and characteristics of the mother and the father.

The degree of this inheritance may vary in the kids of the same lineage. Diabetes, allergies, weak immune system and even some indications to blood system disorder can be passed on to the child. The metabolism and the structure of the body can also be affected by this. But then it is not true that you can hold only heredity as the culprit for whatever you suffer from.

Especially the deformity in the babies at the moment of birth may have heredity as responsible factor. This may not be connected directly to the dilemma at hand. For example, the baby born with a deformed nose does not mean that the mother or father has blotched nose. There may be certain genes or abnormality in the eggs or the sperm that lead to this.

Prevention methods

It is essential for the parents to take on their health and not lead a rash life. It can actually affect the future child. It is therefore advisable that one should quit smoking and drinking too much. These harmful activities can lead to abnormalities in the genes and also the nucleus of the baby’s cell and the sperm or egg. It can lead to a hampering effect on the child.

You should also make sure that you do not have any deficiency of nutrient in the body. Otherwise, it can be dangerous for the baby. If you are planning for a pregnancy, consult a doctor. Get a body check up done and know if there are any necessary changes to be done with diet. A four month prior plan can prevent any adverse effect on the toddler to be born.

More than that, it is also significant to maintain happiness in life. Stress of mind and emotional dissatisfaction can also mentally attack the child. You can say that the baby also feels the rise in the pulses of the mother and feels the stress in their body. You will definitely not want to let your small one go through this even before he or she is born. So keep this point in mind.