Hot flashes can be uncomfortable and also disturbing for women. It can be due to many causes. A distinct link may point the reason for this to menopause. It may aggravate the problem further

If you already are in the period of menopause, there may be more chances of you getting affected with hot flashes. During this, one suffers from nauseating sweating and mild flushing. There may be a lot of dampness and release of heat from the body at this time.

Complications due to hot flashes

This can cause dizziness and headache. You may even feel tired and it may seem as your body is devoid of energy. This can even cause blackout in worse cases or lead to some serious cardiovascular problems. Your blood pressure may fluctuate often and that too it may have great discrepancy.

Often the results are the causes for the occurrence of the hot flashes. It is generally said that as we age, the body fat increases. This is the reason that increases the risk of hot flashes. The body is not able to deal with the excess fat and hence, these incidences occur.

The arteries may get blocked and the blood therefore does not reach the body organs and flow through the veins properly. This may result your body to become weak by time and many diseases may occur. Out of this, hot flashes are one of the effects. You may even experience pain in the body due to more fat and weight.

Risks and some prevention methods

It is therefore advisable that you should exercise regularly to reduce the weight, if it is more than the required BMI. Due to menopause, there are hormonal changes. During sudden hormonal shifts, hot flashes occur generally. This may even make you feel embarrassed and even have dilemmas in personal and social life.

There are various ways to deal with this other than keeping your ideal weight intact. Some medication can bring relief. There are some physical and psychological therapies that may aid in making you fell better and cope up with this issue. The carotid artery may get affected with the cholesterol plaque.

This may give way to hot flashes more than often or more than the occurrences in women who do not face any blockage in the arteries. This may even lead to cardiac arrest and stroke. Due to this, fatality rate increases in people who are in the time of life where the hormones stop their regular activity and producing the copulation eggs.

Lifestyle change advice

If you are a heavy drinker or smoke a lot, then it is the time to avoid it. This makes the risks high of the occurrence of hot flashes. Getting ample sleep and rest is also a way to deal with this. Overwork or straining of the body may also lead to this condition. It is advisable for the women in the menopausal period to maintain these precautions.

Eating healthy food like vegetables and fruits will help in stabilizing body weight. Some fruit juices will help in delaying menopause. This in turn will reduce the incidences of hot flashes.