Bananas are a natural source of energy and many other nutrients. It also keeps you fit and is a tasty fruit to do away with many of the diseases

Bananas have natural sugars namely fructose, sucrose and glucose. It also has fiber and boosts the immune system and provides energy. Research has shown that they can really make you feel all charged up before workout. It can counter depression. As it has tryptophan, it can help the body to convert it into serotonin.

This can relax you and bring contentment. Banana is advisable for the expectant mothers. It maintains the body temperature and is available widely in the market.

Advantages and nutritional value

If you suffer from the pre menstrual syndrome, then the vitamin B6 in banana will regulate the glucose level in the blood. It also has high iron in it and therefore can be beneficial to people who have anemia. It will produce hemoglobin through the increase in the red blood cells. It has a high content of potassium but still does not contain much salt.

This makes banana perfect to get rid of the blood pressure problems. They also reduce the incidence of strokes. It enhances the function of the brain and increases one’s ability to learn and pay attention. It is therefore excellent for the youngsters and children also. The fiber makes it capable to normalize the bowel action and also overcome constipation.

If you are high on alcohol, then bananas are a quick solution to this. You can consume banana milkshake. Add some honey in it. The fruit will neutralize the ill effects in the stomach because of alcohol and the honey will resurrect the blood sugar level in the body and re-hydrate you. This fruit can also save you from heartburn. This is because of the antacid effect of it on the body.

Other benefits

Morning sickness can also be prevented with bananas. They can be taken between meals and also improve the sugar level in the blood. The skin of the banana ca deal with insect bites as it can lessen the irritation and swelling of the wound. So before a proper help arrives, you have a ready pacifier with you. It can necessarily aid in curing inflammation.

Banana also can provide relief to the nervous system because of the B vitamins in it. If you want to put on weight, then the carbohydrates in the banana can help you in this. When you are working and you want a comfort snack, then you can have this fruit rather than junk items. Junk food can lead to lots of diseases because of the bad fats.

This fruit can also deal with the intestinal disorders. It can soften the stool and provide respite to the ulcers in the digestive tract. Over acidity problem can also be solved with banana. If there is any irritation in the line of the stomach, banana lessens it. It also has a cooling effect on the body. It can calm down both the emotional and physical stress.