Crash dieting can be harmful for your body and have ill effects. This can often lead to serious issues in health that spoils a person physical and mental condition

These days, many people follow crash dieting to maintain their figure. But this is not the right way to have a healthy body and life. People think that going without food will help in burning fat and in turn keep one slim and trim. Females and even males are susceptible to this belief. The best way to actually have an optimum body weight is to eat balanced diet food, keep a genuine, and stress free lifestyle behavior.


Crash diet can rupture your life in many ways. The initial signs of the problems arising from crash dieting are fatigue, headache, weakness, and blood circulation problems. It can also lead to cardiovascular conditions and in worse cases, other body organs can also malfunction. Sometimes people have a phobia of food. In this situation, proper therapies to get over this fear are necessary.

The body stores fats, basically carbohydrates so that one gets enough energy to sustain the daily activities, both mental and physical. In the same way, even protein helps to supplement the requirements of energy. If there is an imbalance in the right amount of the nutrients, a person can become obese.


Due to crash dieting, one may reduce weight but suffer later. The body starts using fats present in the body to fulfill the energy requirement. But if there is no supplement of food items, acidity may occur. Even the proteins may exhaust and then later the system does not have a powerhouse to fall back on.

This leads to other health issues which start with great weakness and then low blood pressure follows. Organs start malfunctioning due to improper blood circulation and then the condition worsens. If you take shelter in crash dieting, it will not aid you for a long time but harm your body.


The best way to deal with weight and other health issues regarding this is proper diet food that will help you to fulfill the requirements of the system. Crash diet can even make you feel low and dwell in depression and stress. Work pressure may seem to mount and everything will feel gloomy. Energy levels dip down and can even affect the day to day activity.

It is said that one should avoid oily food or the items that causes one to get fat. This is true, but that does not mean that one can start to crash dieting. Reducing the amount of carbohydrate consumption and increasing the quantity of proteins and other nutrients is necessary. It is best to get a diet plan from a nutritionist to know what you should consume and what you should not.

Treatment therapies

Behavioral as well as occupational therapy are helpful to curb the issue of crash dieting. Counseling sessions will aid the person to reverse this ill behavior and lead a better life with proper functioning.