Today there are number of kids and adults suffering from various diseases that make them have poor health.

Over the past few eras there is a drastic change in the result of surveys been taken about the kids and people suffering from various diseases. One of the surprising thing is changes in environment and culture affects every individuals life especially health. Little amount of changes is influencing large number of people without their notice. The reason for poor health is mainly week immune system and the rising count of obesity worldwide. The perfect answer for all this is decrease in breastfeeding, vaccine schedule, and increase in GMO food that are increasing the rate of toxins everywhere.

This has not only increased the count of kids and people who have poor health but also has made a growth in the diseases that are spreading in a faster rate. Some of the diseases that are spreading worldwide are different kinds of allergies, breathing problem, ADHD, diabetes, blood pressure, and autism.

Here is the increase in disease that leads to poor health

  • 450% increase in different kinds of allergies.
  • 300% increase in breathing problem and asthma.
  • 400% increase in ADHD and celiac disease.
  • The count of kids suffering from autism has increased from 1,500 to 6,000.
  • 45% of the kids are dependent on insulin within 10years.

One of the biggest reasons behind kids getting prone to various kinds of health troubles and diseases is due to increasing number of working women. Most of the women tend to go for work after the newborn baby completes its three months. Due to which there is decline in breastfeeding. 70% of the women stop breastfeeding after 3 months and it is strictly recommended to do breastfeeding for at least 6 months to one year. One thing that every women need to know is breastfeeding allows the kid to get the required amount of food to have a healthy growth. Less about of breastfeeding may bring in problems like disturbance in the immune system and digestive process.

When it comes to adults most of the people like to have junk and roadside food that truly takes away some of the important proteins from their body. This makes them be prey to various types of diseases like allergies, problem in the digestive process, typhoid and so on. Hence, it’s we people who easily give invitation to various kinds of disease and health troubles that make us lead a poor and unhealthy life.