Where technological advancement has come to us as boon, it can turn into bane, if you exploit it. This may affect health very adversely

Today there are so many facilities that have been made easy with the help if technology. All the high tech appliances and machines have made our life fast paced. Due to this, output of work and profits have increased tremendously.

But somewhere, there are also growing diseases because of the overuse of such technologically advanced machines. Many suffer from severe health conditions that lead to discomfort and chronic conditions that hamper the living and the health badly.

Below are some of the technological machines that are both a blessing and curse in disguise:

Television, radio, and mp4 player

Most of us view television and listen to radio for fun and entertainment. The amount of knowledge and news available through this medium is too much. Watching television is not a negative thing. But if you exceed your physical and mental threshold to deal with the strong rays of the same, it may lead to serious illnesses.

The eyes are the first to be affected by this. Later the stiffness of the muscles and back pain comes in. You can even lose the sense of hearing, if the volume is too high. Similar cases are present due to the overuse of the radio and the mp4 players.

Listening to them with headphones on at a very loud volume can lead to deafness also. You should watch and listen to all these entertainment channels in limit and you should not stress your body because of this.


Most of the work these days is done on computer. People work for hours together on this machine and stress their eyes. This may cause redness and tiredness in the eyes. It may also make this organ weak and in ultimate cases, blindness can occur.

Cell phones

Talking over the cell phones or regular telephone for long hours together can affect your ears and then directly your brain. Too much of its use can make you deaf and become unconscious. The eardrum may also get some fallbacks of the same.

Video games

Children are these days addicted to video games. Some of the adults also like to play video games on computer and other machines. Pressing the buttons of the phone and the video games can affect the fingers and the nerves.

Prevention methods and tips for good health

Being technologically advanced is an excellent thing and housing all kinds’ amenities is also commendable. But it should not go on to take a toll over your body. You can have a healthy diet and sleep enough so that you feel energetic when you get up.

Ease your eyes and wash it after every 20 minutes of working on the computer. Take a break and refresh your mood and mind by indulging in some hobby or chat with friends at work or in the house. Limit your talks on phone from many hours together in lesser time.

Change your lifestyle if it is bent towards ill habits. Talk over the phone but avoid long hours conversation so that your ears and brain do not fall prey to diseases.