Though Viagra is a popular brand in the market, Penegra have made its presence due to its amazing efficacy and affordable price.

Penegra is trusted by healthcare professional and sexologist as a drug that if more effective than Viagra. This cheap by highly trusted drug helps to cure impotency cases. However, Penegra is far easier on the pocket and more budget-friendly and comes with an added bonus of lasting for a much longer duration than Viagra. The company owning Penegra does not have to spend on the brand promotion, thus they can sell the same at a much cheaper price.

Penegra has proved to be very effective for men suffering from E.D. It enhances their sexual performance, thereby rejuvenating the relationship of couples. The main component of Penegra is Sildenafil Citrate that widens the arteries and blood vessels surrounding the Genital organs, resulting into increased rate of blood flow into the same, causing the desired erection. Penegra helps in retention of the blood in the genital organs for a longer duration, facilitating prolonged sensation of sexual pleasure.

However, Penegra is a medicated form of sexual stimulator and if taken in excess can cause harmful side effects like cardiac disorders, nausea, weakening of muscles etc. Therefore, the same must be consumed after thorough consultation with a doctor who would ascertain the degree of seriousness of impotency issue, thereby determining the usage level. Penegra exists in the form of pills of 25, 50 and 100 mg dosages. One should take I tablet 1 hour before intercourse and not consume the 2nd one before the next 24 hours. Penegra can be effective for as long as 10 hours at a stretch, that is more than the time that Viagra lasts for.

However, Penegra can cause severe health distortions, if consumed at an abnormal rate. It can arrest the cardio-vascular functioning, leading to myocardial infarction, cerebral strokes and even death. The most common side effects of Penegra are as follows:

  • Flushing
  • Headache
  • Stuffed nose
  • Urinal infection
  • Indigestion and stomach upset
  • Blurred vision.

Penegra must not be consumed by patients, subject to intake of nitric medicines. The nitric oxide can cause harmful side effects by reacting with Sildenafil Nitrate. Also, these are not to be consumed along with fruits or items containing high level of saturated fat or fatty acids. These elements can completely nullify the effect of Sildenafil nitrate to cause sexual arousal. Sildenafil Nitrate is also not meant for people suffering from weaker heart or nervous disorders, as they will not be able to withstand the intense pressure created at the nerves and blood vessels at the time of its effect. One must be extremely careful of not having more than one per day out of temptation as it will cause serious after-effects that may lead to hospitalization of the person. Proper usage should be there, subject to assessment of the physical needs. This will give ultimate results.

Thus, Penegra is a very effective means of boosting sexual desire in a man. It is less expensive and more effective than Viagra. However, care must be taken to avoid over dosage, which may lead to extreme harmful after-effects. So, in order to enjoy a blissful sexual life, overcoming impotency, one has to go for calculated intake of Penegra.