Gastroenteritis is the condition in which the digestive system starts inflaming and body becomes weak. They are found in both the sexes but are generally found in babies and people above 60-65.  Be aware with the symptoms of Gastroenteritis before getting its victim.

What is Gastroenteritis??

Gastroenteritis is the inflammation or the tenderness in the digestive system of our body. In such situation people become weaker which further causes severe pain in stomach or abdomen, diarrhea and sometimes vomiting.  In some cases it is even found that the Gastroenteritis happens due to dehydration. Generally, they are found in new born babies and adults above the age of sixty.

How is it caused? 

Gastroenteritis is caused by the germs or bacteria which are transmitted from others. It is a viral infectivity also called Norwalk Virus that is caused by impure water and contaminated food. Unhygienic environment while preparing food, stress, extreme intake of alcohol or smoke and even tobacco, unwanted drugs or medicines are the most common reason for causing Gastroenteritis.  Consuming the contaminated water in which breeding of shellfish takes place may also lead to Gastroenteritis. Thus it is very essential to take care with small things like washing your hands while cooking food.

What are the symptoms or the warning sign of gastroenteritis?

  • Pain in the Abdomen
  • Dysentery or loose bowels
  • Loss of hunger and excess thirst
  • Cold, proneness and fever
  • Lack of fluids in body (dehydration)
  • Vomiting, queasiness and nausea
  • Wrinkling of skin
  • Dearth of urination for more than 5 to 6 hours

If signs of dehydration exceeds more than 48 hours you need to consult a doctor immediately. Not only this, if the rectal pain, dysentery or vomiting exceeds run to the doctor immediately.

Which are the natural therapy or remedied to get rid of gastroenteritis?

  • Grated fresh ginger can also be eaten with water.
  • Take some Ginger, chamomile, blackberries, oregano and boil them for 5 to 6 minutes. Drink them after cooling and consume it within 2 to 3 hours.
  • Eat more and more apple as well as yoghurt or dairy foodstuffs.
  • Ensure to drink lots of water. You can also consume soft drinks like lemonade or sprite but see that they do not contain caffeine.
  • For food, go for crackers, bananas, boiled rice etc. Have small bites of food and chew it properly, the time you feel woozy stop all intakes at once.