These days, allergies have turned out to be a very common weakness, and in kids’ egg allergy are most widely spread. Here are some symptoms and treatments of Egg allergy in children.

Food allergies have always been the one of the common troubles in children, allergy due to egg is the most usual cause. According to various research and studies, egg allergy is typically outgrown by the age when kids turn seven.  The overreaction of the immune system due to different proteins in eggs causes egg allergy.

While the substance or proteins present in eggs that triggers into an allergic reaction are nontoxic for most kids, in those who endure from an allergic reaction due to it, their immune system discharges a heap of antibodies called immunoglobulin E to offset the allergen. This in turn leads to allergic reactions, which, in a few cases, can be very harsh. It can even lead to anaphylaxis.  Thus, parents or guardians should always be on a protective side to defend their wards from willingly or unwillingly eating eggs or foodstuffs made by the same.  Given below is the complete detail of egg allergy seen in women.

What are the signs and symptoms of egg allergy in children?

  • After eating eggs, children instantly overcome with red bumpy lashes.  The surface of the skin may perhaps experience a rash of eczema. There is also reddishness, inflammation and swelling around the mouth.
  • These further results in belly cramps, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.
  • In the next stage, this hazardous allergy also triggers wheezing and coughing with asthma. Even their eyes start watering and itching.  Supplementary respiratory warning indication includes sneezing and runny nose.
  • Like other food allergies, children can even face anaphylaxis. However, this condition is very rare in the egg allergy as compared to other allergies. Anaphylactic reaction are very painful state pain where kids go through cramps in the stomach, a severe fall in blood pressure, fast pulse and faintness and loss of consciousness.

How is the egg allergy diagnosed in children?

  • The indications usually come out within some minutes to a couple of hours after consuming or getting in touch with eggs.
  • RAST test confirms whether the allergy is due to eggs or not.
  • Further, medical history and physical examination of the kid will help in properly diagnosing if the child is suffering from this bothering egg allergy.

How to treat egg allergy in children?

  • In order to avoid egg allergies, it is always good to stay away from egg based products and eggs as well.  In case, if the kid is allergenic to eggs even by getting in physical contact with them. Then, it’s always better to keep them away from the touch of eggs.
  • Antihistamine medicines can also be helpful in controlling the minor reactions and inflammations. However, it is best to seek doctor’s help and them before it gets severe.