In the recent studies, it was found that men can suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotence if he is consuming multiple medications. It is seen that once men start to age, they get into the habit of taking medications to keep themselves fit and healthy. Men who lead sedentary lifestyles are also more likely to have to take medicine for high cholesterol or high blood pressure or any number of other illnesses. It is been researched that impotence in men have a very direct connection between the type and number of medicine consumed by any men.

In the study it was found that men exceeding the count of 10 medications every day were more likely to experience impotence in future than those who took fewer medicines in comparison. During the research, the researchers and doctor took into considerations several factors such as the age of the men and those who were overweight, were smokers, and are diabetic were even more likely to suffer ED. With the help of these factors, the doctor were able to check the numbers of medicines intake by these men and how many came with ED complain to them.

In some instances ED was address with help when lifestyle changes with increased exercise, diet changes and elimination of some drugs. It was found it the study that the doctor can’t remove the necessary medications intake but if men themselves adopt healthy lifestyle habits and while doing to are able to gradually reduce the amount of medications they take and alleviate the ED problems.

It is further recommended to the people by the researchers and doctor of this study to get complete physical workup if they are suffering from ED or the inability to achieve or maintain an erection. One should let his doctor know all about its conditions and from how long it has gone on and what medications you’re taking so your doctor can make a proper diagnosis.

ED can be experienced in an individual if the person is consuming medicines for high blood pressure, beta blockers and those used to treat anxiety and depression or those that interfered with the production of testosterone. Medications like Generic Viagra and other impotence medications offer men temporary relief from erectile failure which thus allows them to get back into a sexual relationship with their partner.

Generic Viagra brings out erections in those men who care unable to maintain an erection long enough to achieve the climax of the sexual activity. In addition not just physiological effects of ED can affect such men but also psychological effects of ED have been noted as other reasons that men can’t maintain erections during the sexual intercourse