Erectile dysfunction is a major issue which is more or less very ordinary found in men. This is nothing but a male sexual problem that is triggered in both young adults as well as older men.

This in medical term is called as impotence that shows the incapability in men to attain or keep hold of an erection of the penile organ. This can be cured at any age and it even relies on the health condition and the major cause of the problem.

Tadalis is the active ingredient present in this medication to kill off erectile issues in men’s sexual life. This is the generic version of the brand name cialis. This obstructs the PDE5 enzyme which on the other hand demolishes the other enzyme that is held responsible for varying the size of the blood vessels. Penile erection takes place when the male reproductive organ fills up with blood. This occurs as the blood vessels that bring blood flow to the penile organ.

A huge majority of the men feel embarrassed to talk about this as it hampers the self-esteem of a man which further shows its way to mental or may be other psychological issues in them. This is why it is very important to interact with your medical practitioner in case if you are suffering from some major sexual related problems.

It is a known fact that male impotency affects a relationship the most as it shows the inability of a man to act sexually on the bed and satisfy his partner to the core. This particular health condition has been seen to deteriorate many couples heath conditions which on the other hand take back the love life in a relationship.

In order to put a stop to this severe health condition there is a medication called as Tadalis which has given many hopes to men suffering with impotency. This is a PDE5 inhibitor that is highly used for sexual function issues such as impotence in men.

The standard dosage of this medication is 20 mg which is the recommended amount to be taken for a quick healing in men. All you have to do is consume this tablet with a glass of water and wait for the duration of thirty minutes or an hour so that the solution present in this medication reaches to the penile organ. You will be really amazed when this medication shows effective results in a span of less time. This is where Tadalis gives you strong erection which you can keep hold for a longer period of time. The working hours of this product last for up to 36 uninterrupted hours of sexual intercourse.

Though Efficacy is the main feature of this product this tablet might have few adverse effects which are rarely seen. The side effects are sinus congestion, low energy, blood stroke or pressure, constipation, numbness, runny nose, swelling of the tongue and so on. This is an absolute safe product and is approved by FDA.