There are a lot of medications that fall under Viagra among which Silagra is the most effective one which is easily accessible to treat men suffering from male impotency.

Physical allusion is the process of affection all the way through the emotion of fondness which comes into view out. This is for another reason where the partner has a desire to last their devoted love making session as long as they can. The importance of sexual life is merely felt at the time when it is lost that takes place if sexual problems make a physical attack on man’s life.  Erectile dysfunction is the medical term used for male impotency which is found in men who face these awful traumas more often than not.

Sexual life for obvious reasons often bids bye to men incessantly if they are undergoing from male impotency. Comprehensive suffering makes it next to impossible to deal with the impotence trouble but one can have the benefit in their sexual pleasure with the proper treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction prevents men from getting pleasure in the sexual act when their tough wants are non viable to pull through erection in men. Silagra, which is the generic version of the brand name Viagra, has proved to be the most efficient liberator for those thousands of men that are facing this problem in their life. Their erections which this medication offers are for a longer period of time which is extremely powerful as well as precise as required. This medication has to be taken thirty minutes or an hour prior to the sexual intercourse. Silagra medications perform as an immediate helping source where subsequent to sometime later men are capable to obtain  stronger erections as compared to other ED cures which take much time in the process.

The recommended dosage of Silagra is 100mg which is the accurate quantity to be taken with a glass of water for a healthy curing. The effect of this medication lasts for about four to five hours with no interruption. The Silagra therapy is the primary choice among the men that lends a hand in the improvement of men’s sexual life. It is highly suggested to see a physician prior the consumption of this dosage to be on the safer side.  You can even change the consumption intervals as per your need and wish.

PDE5 enzyme restricts the flow of the blood in men in particular in the penile area at some point in male impotency. This is where Sildenafil citrate which is known as the most excellent and important element in this medication comes to rescue for men. This solution reaches in the penile region and allows easier blood flow in the penile area.

Efficacy is the main component for which Silagra is known for. You can easily get hold of it from online stores or departmental shops that are easy on the pockets too. Few of the side effects are facial flushing, low vision, indigestion etc.