Get to know more in details about the pros and con of the orange fruit from the below article.

A fruit acts as a very crucial role in our body. There are many advantages of the fruits, which keeps your health and skin in pink. One effective fruit among all other fruits is orange. Orange is high in minerals and vitamins. Orange is very effective to lesser the risk of many type of disease. Orange helps to tackle with the heart problems and anemia with its higher minerals and vitamins. Orange has a high acidic content and helps to tackle preexisting problems. You must concern your doctor before taking the orange supplement in your diet to prevent from health complications of side effects.

Pros and cons of orange fruit

Nutritional Benefits

The content of the vitamin c in average orange is around 70 milligram. Vitamin c work as antioxidant that usually slows down the injury that occurs due to the free radicals. This free radicals forms as an oxidizing molecules with its natural process like digestion. Orange is very effective to recover heals that appears in our body and repairs skin, ligaments and bones. Vitamin c, vitamin B1 and folate acts as a high source of dietary fiber.

Reduces risk of heart problems

Folate a substance that contains in the orange helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases. Orange and other citric acid is very effectual to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Folate helps to reduce the attendance of homocysteine which usually acts as a poisonous to vascular walls in the heart. Consumption of folic acid, vitamin B12 and b 6 is very essential in their diet for the heart patient.  Consumption of vitamin c associate by lowering the level of coronary heart disease. Folate and vitamin c keep you away from the heart related problems like heart stroke and heart attacks.

Reduces the risk of anemia

Various forms of anemia that occurs in humans, due to genetic problem or due to shortage of nutrition requires for your body. Content of folate in orange helps your body to produce red blood cells. Vitamin c contains in orange helps to boost up the absorption of the inorganic iron. Inorganic iron is mainly found in plants that can be taken as a supplement through meat based iron. The appropriate level of iron is very necessary to for our body to produce hemoglobin. Hemoglobin helps to deliver oxygen to the whole body.


Orange contains a high acidic substance, which may occur some of the obtainable disorders such as heartburn or acid reflux. Intake of orange may cause stomach ache for the people suffering from peptic ulcers. Salicylate is a chemical that contains in orange may cause severe allergic problems like asthma, hives, eczema and sinusitis.