Panic disorder may be due to several factors that may lead to stress in a person’s life. Here we have simply listed a few basic facts about the panic disorder which may enlighten you.

Basic Facts about Panic Disorder

You may suffer from a panic attack all of a sudden. It usually does not come with any prior warning. If you suffer from panic attacks three of four times in your life, it may mean that you suffer from panic disorder.

The experience of a panic attack can be very frightening to you as well as the onlookers.

Common Symptoms of Panic Attacks

We have listed the common symptoms of a panic attack.

  • You may suffer from recurrent panic attacks without any relevant reason.
  • You may constantly despair having to face yet another panic attack.
  • You may completely avoid certain places or some routines fearing to face another panic attack.

Common Considerations for Panic Attacks

If you are trying to determine the cause of a panic attack or panic disorder in an individual, you must take the nature of the individual into consideration.

Often, panic attacks transform into panic disorders when the patient fears of facing yet another attack.

A panic attack or disorder may cause an individual to withdraw from some of his or her daily routine activities. They may face the fear of getting trapped in public when they have an attack.

Factors which could lead to Panic Attack or Panic Disorder

You may suffer from panic attacks or panic disorders due to many different events or medical conditions in your life. A fixed cause of panic disorder really cannot be determined.

Genetics may be one of the reasons of panic attacks. If someone in your family suffers from panic disorder, you may be more prone to suffer from this disorder.

If you have gone through continued periods of mental trauma like divorce, chronic health condition, financial problems or death of a dear one, you may be more prone to develop a panic disorder.

If you suffer from health disorders like hypoglycemia, mitral valve prolapsed, withdrawal from certain medications or hyperthyroidism, you may suffer from panic disorder.

Effect of Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can have many effects on you. It can cause you to have hot or cold flashes, choking feelings, sweating, loss of control, tingling or numbness or shortness of breath.

These symptoms are similar to the symptoms of a patient who suffers from heart attack.

If you come across a person who complains of all these symptoms but has a healthy heart, he could be suffering from a panic attack. If you manage to identify these symptoms, you must bring it to the notice of the doctors.

How can you help a person suffering from a Panic Attack?

  • You must identify whether it is a panic attack and not some other emergency.
  • You must calm the patient as he may have a mental tendency to escape the situation.
  • You must comfort the person and reassure him to breathe properly.
  • You must never dismiss his fears.
  • You must never leave them alone. Stay by them and support them.
  • You must seek medical help as soon as possible.