Waxing body hair can sometimes result in redness of skin and this may cause itching and burning sensation. It may even lead to pain and other issues. You can relieve yourself of all these issues

If you want to keep yourself beautiful, you may want to perform some activities to maintain your good looks. This may include usage of certain cosmetics and taking care of your skin and other aspects. You may wax the body hair too. But sometimes it may not work for your skin and particular issues may arise.

Rare problems that may arise after waxing off body hair

While waxing, sometimes the external hair does not come off. This may be due to the remnants of the ingrown hair. If you utilize razor, this problem may aggravate and you will face some dilemmas. It is therefore advisable that you either use hair removal cream and solutions or the waxing methods.

After waxing, in rare cases, you can get rashes, blemishes, and spots on the skin. Bleeding may occur if the hair is pulled out roughly. You may even feel like itching the affected patch again and again and this may result into further dilemmas. In worse cases, you may contact some skin allergy and have to take some antibiotics to deal with the situation.

If the pores bleed and burn, it may result in further discomfort. Applying deodorant, perfume, any lotion, or solution that contains some acid or chemicals on the affected part of the skin, it may irritate the body and further reactions may occur. You can feel the pain and rashes may form. This may develop in wounds due to excess scratching.

Causes of complications

Now you may ask why your body reacts in an adverse way sometimes, after you have got yourself waxed? This may be because of the wax itself. You may be allergic to the components present in it. So you should consult a doctor and know which elements you are allergic to.

Next time, you can specify the product for this purpose that will not contain any allergens. This will act positively for you and you will not face any such issues. But many a times, the allergy may not be a cause. Your skin may be generally sensitive to activities like waxing and shaving. In such situations, you can consider the hair removal cream process to get rid of the hair rather than the prior method.


If you are already facing such incidence, apply some powder of other relief producing ointment or medication that will help in recovering from the infection. Ingrown hair can again be a problem too. Here, the hair does not grow outside but remains in the pore itself. You may have few ingrown hairs left on the body and while waxing these may get inflamed and cause pain.

You should remove the ingrown hair before it creates more dilemmas. Use moisturizer on your skin and spread it nicely over the body to keep the smoothness of the skin intact. This will help in fighting the skin infection. Wash the waxed part properly after coming from the parlor. Even this will resolve the issue to a great extent.