Winter may not be just full of fun. It may be irksome to many as they may have to go through rough and dry skin

Winter is almost here. Besides the seasonal joy in Christmas and New Year, you may find this time of the year quite irritating. The underlying reason may be the itchiness and dryness of your skin that leaves you frustrated. But you can see to it that you are kept away from all these issues. You also have to maintain the spring glow and smoothness of the same.

Causes for Skin Dryness in winter

Now dryness of the skin can affect individuals of any age group. Even a child or a youngster or an adult and elderly can go through such a problem. You may wonder why this is so. Basically, everyone has some moisture content stored in fats under skin. When this dries, your skin starts to react negatively. You may find them losing their glow. You can also feel it getting rough.

If you also have some skin allergies in winter, then this issue can aggravate more. You may not be comfortable to some food items and climate change in winter. This can also spoil the texture of your skin. You have to keep away from allergens. You also should wear full and warm clothes at this time of the year. This will let your skin to stay protected.

Other people even face skin dryness because of less exposure to sunlight. This again can be really upsetting. Individuals who have lack of vitamin D in their body may also come across similar health problems. You will have to eat food items that will fulfill the requirement of vitamin D. Exposure to natural sunlight earl in the morning can also help in this matter.

Cold bites and wounds on skin can also lead to dryness as they start to heal. If your kin is in contact with chilled snow for long, then cold bites can occur. You have to keep away from frost bites. Otherwise, it may also affect the blood flow in your body. This may in turn affect your heart and lead to further health related issues.

Solutions to Dry Skin in winter

You should always have some kind of natural or herbal related cream t deal with the dryness of your skin in winter. You should also wear clean and washed clothes. You should take care of any wounds or cold bites immediately. You must also see to it that you do not consume food items that will affect your skin negatively. This may include some allergens and also oily eatables.

Drink juices of fruits that contain vitamin D and A. vitamin C may also help you resolve skin dryness. You should also eat lots of leafy vegetables and mineral containing eatables. It will keep in check the nutrition needed for healthy skin. You may also have to consume low fat diet. But then meat and protein is essential to sustain the heat in your body. You can consult a dietician to get to know the accurate diet chart for winter.