We all are envious of those who sport long, shiny, bouncy hair at some point or the other. Let us learn how we too can get long and healthy hair.

All of us have been gifted with different hair textures, colours and natural styles. Yet, we all crave for long hair that is nicely done up and can be sported in any way that you can think of. To add to the length, some people have a natural shine to their hair. You can try braided, pleated, tied up in ponytails, buns, any style with such hairs. They even look good when left open. How about learning some simple ways to care for your hair? Here are some tips to grow your hair long, strong and luscious:

Wash your hair with warm water

Washing your hair with warm water triggers growth follicles to produce a certain length of the hair. In addition, warm water ensures that hair is not robbed of moisture. With the moisture content intact and growth being triggered, both length and lustre are guaranteed. It is important to note that the hair should be completely devoid of any residual shampoo or conditioner at the final rinse with lukewarm or cool water. In addition, tying a warm cloth over your hair after a hot water hair bath (shampooing and conditioning) keeps the hair hydrated a little longer and helps it grow further.

Do not get a haircut too often

Too many people have advised to go in for a trim or a haircut from time to time- say about once in every three months. Well the truth is that a haircut will surely result in reduced length of your hair by at least about an inch. Trimming your hair only at the place where there are split ends can guarantee that the hair grows well and uninterrupted. This spot trimming of split ends lets your hair meet the hemline you like thus enabling you to maintain it for as long as you want.

Do not use flatiron on your hair

Flatiron and other hair irons lead to the loss of moisture from the hair. They also cause a lot of damage to the hair right from the root to the tip thus ruining the chances of further hair growth. It is all right to use these hair styling items once in a while; but daily and regular use of such things should be avoided in order to get long and flowing hair. Also, make sure to avoid using her perms and sprays as they also play with the texture of the hair and cause considerable damage.

Regular intake of nutrients

A regular and proper diet that takes care of all the nutrient requirements of the body is as essential for your hair as it is for the rest of the body. Protein intake should be on the greater side with including fish, poultry and cottage cheese in your appetite. Green leafy vegetables, roots and other fruits are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Take care to incorporate foods that contain folic acid, which is a precursor to keratin (the building blocks of hair) in your diet.

A proper intake of water along with a good and healthy diet can ensure the necessary and desired length along with lustre and bounce to your hair. Take care!